It has sailed in so serious degree under two directors in the ministry of Defence, to the other day were sent home by the defence minister Trine Team.

the Chaos has resulted in the sharpest criticism from The auditor general. And in a derive of pengegris case stand for five men indicted for serious economic crime, among other things, corruption and gross breach of mandate.

nevertheless, the former koncernstyringsdirektør Per Pugholm Olsen, and Hans J. Høyer, ex-director of the department of defense Ejendomsstyrelse, received lønbonusser recently.

It acknowledged the Trine Team at an open consultation earlier Thursday.

I have been able to ascertain, that in the past paid bonuses to the executives who are involved in the specific case. It is deep criticism, but you can not withdraw bonuses already paid.

– But there must be no doubt about my position that bonuses should be based on decency, she says.

the Danish policy – 11. dec. 2019 – at. 13:07 Team belies his right hand

the Danish policy – 10. dec. 2019 – at. 15:30 Listed by the Team are: Blunders on the strip

There was initially appointed a task force to investigate the case with koncernstyringsdirektøren in the lead. But he was exempted from service and was transferred, as he had a role in the case.

the Director of the department of defense Ejendomsstyrelse is also exempted from service until further notice. He got a few weeks ago extended his åremålskontrakt with four years.

the defense minister said on Thursday’s consultation, to the case provides the occasion to examine the purchase on the whole of the Defence area, since the case is about the fraud in the procurement in the defense department Ejendomsstyrelse.

– It must be done in order to identify weaknesses in the system and close these, the minister says.

The same person have been able to order, pay, and approve a purchase order, but in future, there must be at least two persons involved in the process.

in Addition to the internal, there must be an external investigation.

Therefore, will the minister towards christmas considering how best to prepare the individual studies. January is forsvarsordførerne, as well as representatives from the ministry of Justice convened a meeting in order to proceed with the case.

As the third will Trine Team to scrutinize the operation of her as a minister.

– the Defense is a complex organization, and there will be mistakes. What matters is how those mistakes are handled. It is important that we can trust each other as employees and citizens, she says.

It means a possible ledelsesomlægning and a strengthening of the internal audit.

In the short term, she will look to see if there is taken good enough care of them, who are crying out for errors in the system, because a whistleblower was boosted in the case.

– I will look at how the department of defense whistleblower scheme can be strengthened. A reviewer must be able to consult anonymously and have an anonymous dialogue. And it is also important to see whether the notifier is received at a sufficiently high level, she says.

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