In the month of may, wrote Martin Krasnik in an editorial in Weekendavisen:

’the general Election in a few weeks are by many referred to as historic. It will show up. Historically, however, already the fact that a fascist party is on the ballot. It has not happened since 1939, and that alone is a milestone.’

Historically, it is also, to a fascist gets nominated for Ekstra Nytårstorsk, and it is also only after careful consideration.

Naziføreren Jonni Hansen was the for example, never, even if he was crazy enough for it.

But there is the difference that the Rasmus Paludan and his party’s firm got vælgererklæringer enough to make up for the general Election.

He got them good enough only because he had fiflet, but anyway.

Chosen he was not.

Paludan believes, though, that enough has been tampered with the votes, and he was also persecuted by the ræverøde press, and lying journalists, all are traitors.

He is all the time ready to proclaim himself a martyr, but it must not be called out.

Paludan will be treated just as all other båtnakker, who have made themselves stupidly noticed in the public.

The Danish tradition is that torskekandidaterne typically have kvajet on a slightly pleasant way, but it can not be said about ralph waldo emerson. In return, he is pompous and self-important in almost debilitating degree. He calls himself ’The soldier, The weak and protector of Society guardian, the Danes light, Sjælefredens source, North of hope, of Peace, creates’ and probably something more which I have overlooked.

But the City is not only laughable.

He has the riff-raff country and the rich around and set fire to the korans with the explicit intent to make people bored of it.

And here is an excerpt of a speech he has given:

’Our streets and alleys will be turned into rivers of blood and the alien enemies ‘ blood will end up in the sewer, in which the alien belongs. They are primitive pitiful uslinge, whose death at this time will be both necessary and legal.’

Drawing: Morten Ingemann

Paludan will send all muslims and the vast majority of other alien out of the country.

Back to practically the only ethnic danes as well as adoptive children. But only if they were adopted in infancy.

Several lawyers have pointed out that the program will require a new constitution, a resignation of menneskeretighedskonventionen and a farewell to the EU.

But it rejects Paludan, who at the same time throws a judiciously selection of epithets for the lawyers, as he has for the habit of all, who does not believe the same as him.

Not least the journalists and the police officers mess of the he to.

The latter protects him otherwise, when he is out and set fire to something, but it has not kept him from calling them ’fucking møgsvin, dovendidrikker and cowards’, and a single policewoman as ’criminal snothvalp’, ’disgusting’, ’emotional upset’ and ’smelly’.

When ralph waldo emerson came to the court to have the bastard politiassistenten to, he defended himself with, that he had turned upside down in a traffic accident, and therefore, find it difficult to cope with conflicts’.

It explains the part.

While he would use abusive words on all others, he is even extremely ømhudet. So dragged he some people in court, because they had spoken less nice about him.

He got the court’s words, that you are not allowed to call him ’neurotic’. In turn, to call him a ’narhat’, and it will be easy to lead sandhedsbevis for.

Police have spent over 100 million dollars to protect the City, while he has traveled around to molest his fellow citizens.

But in Denmark it is legal to say something idiotic, and the fools who tried to go to the attack on him, created the man’s success.

they is probably not so much anymore. Paludan is still passionate about korans, but most are gloriously indifferent, and the only one who has the pleasure of the show is koransælgere.

instead, Rasmus Paludan get a cod. He deserved it – but it has the candidate in the morning, well enough also.

it is the eighth bid on, who will be announced as the Ekstra Nytårstorsk 2019.

the game very Simon Emil Ammitzbøll-Bille, Anders from ’Married at first sight’, kulturudvalgsformand Lene Pigeon, MF for SF Karsten Hønge, the Danish people’s party leader, Kristian Thulesen Dahl, netbanedirektør Michael Borre and prime minister Mette Frederiksen is already in hyttefadet, and there are two more to look forward to. Ago follows a ballot in the newspaper, so you can participate in the decision of who is the biggest cod.

here at the see all of the nominees as they are presented, and the time will also be given the opportunity to vote here.

you’ll be pleased to have done your democratic duty. You can also win great prizes.

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