Marcel Rømers shot from distance breaks Silkeborg in the muddy football-duel.

Midtbaneslideren had a good time to send the ball in the cracks after a dribletur from Rezan Corlu. The goal opened the second half and the home team, so do not return after.

Before the match, it was probably that the players would be muddy as fun-loving teenagers at the Roskilde Festival. The Silkeborg keeper Rafael Romo had, therefore, got a yellow shirt over his black målmandsdragt to avoid confusion with the take up considerable blue-muddy jerseys.

It was, therefore, also a physical match with many duels and sliding tackles that otherwise would seem to be a thing of the past.

Silkeborg had the most to say in the first half, with several misused opportunities, but as so often before this season they had to see themselves beaten.

The two teams went up in the premier League in the summer, but it is also there the similarities end.

Silkeborg has spent the entire season as the drain plug, while Lyngby is the league’s big positive surprise.

At Lyngby Stadium, where the royal blue in the fight had taken 19 of their 25 points, could 2432 spectators see them take another three points to the collection.

however, It could easily have been entirely different.

Lyngby messed up tremendously, when Thomas Mikkelsen and Nicolaj Geertsen shortly before the break clash and lets an opportunistic Ronnie Schwartz kanonere the ball towards the empty goal. Had it not been for Frederik Winther acrobatic clearing would Silkeborg have taken a well-earned pauseføring.

Silkeborg could not match Winther helteaktion and had to give lost in the second half, as the home team took the game forward.

As it has gone the whole year will the two teams go on holidays with two completely different starting point. Lyngby will be able to enjoy the to look up ad with the hope of a possible mesterskabsslutspil, although there seems to be many on the bid.

Silkeborg on the other hand will need to decide the top scorer Ronnie Schwartz’s future in the winter transfervindue, as he has his contract this summer.

unique in scandinavia because the bundhold has now scored a match less to save themselves in and can perhaps start to prepare for life in the first division.

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the League – 15. dec. 2019 – at. 09:57 Tøffes wild bid: He can replace Stale!

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