Jabrena from the state of Georgia in the UNITED states took earlier in the year the great leap and made a butt-lift with a plastic surgeon, because she wanted to make a small change in his body figure, which she at that time even thought looked like a bønnestage.

But the operation left Jabrena with great pain and a deformed buttocks which, in good old Danish without exaggeration may be called a genuine ‘hængerøv’.

Jabrena had great pain and was in no ways satisfied with his nume-lift. (Photo: Ritzau Scanpix)

– I would just have a little nice strut-butt and not this big pendant, tells Jabrena.

This writes the news agency Backgrid as well as several media including the news.com.au

Jabrena appeared subsequently in the media E!’s TV show ‘Botched’, which specialises in helping women who have been exposed to the failure of carnal art.

she did so in a desperate attempt to repair the failed result of her butt-lift and in order to get the butt she had always dreamed of.

In the program ‘Botched’ tells Jabrena story of her failed butt-lifting, and she says among other things, the following to the two surgeons Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif:

– Two weeks after the operation began, the swellings disappear, and you could see the implants almost out on the side of my bum as a kind of fold in a pair of pants. But about a month later, the implant is completely inside my bum, tells Jabrena to the two surgeons.

Jabrena also claims in the tv program, that the implants began to turn regularly to her buttocks. She believes though, that it happened four to five times a week.

– It was very uncomfortable. And I got also pain.

Here take Jabrena a selfie, where you can clearly see her big problem. (Photo: Backgrid)

the Surgeons Terry and Paul tell us in the ‘Botched’, to the implants in the Jabrenas buttocks was put into a sort of ‘pocket’. But the ‘pocket, which was created in the flesh was a little too big. It was therefore a possibility that the implants could turn himself inside her backside.

the Surgeon Terry Dubrow describes the situation as a kind of ‘bottom-dilemma’.

– We can easily help you. But we do not want to repair the failed operation to a result, which you hate. The implants are not only placed in a too large ‘pocket’. But they are also located in the wrong place in ‘the pocket’, which makes it possible for them to return, ” said Terry Dubrow and adds:

– the Problem is that if we just take the implants out, so will Jabrena be left with too much loose hængede skin on his bum, so we replace one problem with an even bigger problem.

Terry Dubrow decided to remove the implants and start all over again, so that both ‘pocket’ and the implants are suited for each other. The operation was a success, and Jabrena is now fully satisfied with his new butt.

– Thanks to surgeon Terry Dubrow is now I got rid of my drooping buttocks, and I have finally got the little cute strut-bum, I’ve always wanted me, says Jabrena.

Here is the before and efterbillederne. Jabrena is very happy with the new butt, she was made of kirugerne in the television program. (Photo: Backgrid)

Jabrena is happy for her new body figure. (Photo: Backgrid)