KUMAMOTO (Ekstra Bladet): Actually, he would probably have been a completely different place in the world than in the hall in Kumamoto, where the Danish press were waiting to hear whether he goes or whether he stays.

Klavs Bruun will continue as national coach. It is the short version. Maybe he had said something else, if he had not been able to drink a beer, and got the pulse down, before he stood up in front of the Danish journalists.

The tie result against Serbia and thus the abrupt goodbye to both the WORLD cup and an OLYMPICS-qualification, had set itself deep in the national coach.

– I don’t have much to say. I am extremely disappointed, enraged and sad.

– the end Result being a ninth place. How do you do a tournament up?

– I can’t. I simply do not. I have all the feelings you can have, which is reasonably negative. We can stand from here to new year’s eve and waffle on, we have moved us. When I come away from it, and can see all the nuances, and I may well see something positive, but I can’t use for a skid now. Not a flying f-sharp.

– How’s it look with your future? Get it here result any consequences?

– Fortunately, I managed to drink a beer before I came out here, so we are waiting with.

– it Means that you are in doubt about whether you should continue?

– We do, as we usually do. We are discussing things with connected afterwards, and then we take it quietly away.

– Can you explain the bad start of the fight?

– They choose to go high on the Anne Mette Hansen, and we had difficulty to get resolved. In addition, we burn very, very large chances. And so we knew that it is a difficult team to play against.

– But I think we quietly get directed to it, and we come back. There were many things that were really fine, and we have it in our own hands again and are in the majority. But there we have saftsuseme not been sharp.

– it is the concentration that fails?

– I am thinking it is any other thing.

– What was the agreement about their last attack?

It was, that we were going to package inwards and let the wings go, and that we were not done. We knew very well what they generally would with their seven against six, and that is why I am extremely disappointed that we are giving them the last goal from inside the center.

– What was the plan with your last attack?

– It was playing seven against six. Their defenses are still lying, and that I must say that we generally are too poor to react when our opponents do something that we don’t just expect.

– compared to last year, in this time, been in all the battles, and the struggle against Serbia was the third battle, where I had the opportunity to determine it. What attributes to you, to the right is the last, missing?

– I can well guys any platitudes, but we get almost dirt out of it every time. We lack the belief that we can it here and not piss ordinary balls directly out of the sidelines. It will be we the by with. Unfortunately, says Klavs Bruun.

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