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Updated at 12.38: the Police have arrested the perpetrator

A person is arrested and charged with threats of violence in Vordingborg.

Therefore, the police were massively present at a job centre, where the person who was threatened on his life, found himself.

Police were looking for the person who threatened the other on life. He was not at the job centre.

It confirms Sydsjællands and Lolland-Falster Police, who got the notification at 11.22.

РThere has been a threat against an employee of a person, as we well know who is. Now we just have to find the person, said vagtchef Henrik Carlsen at the Sydsjællands and Lolland-Falster Police to Ekstra Bladet, before the police had arrested anyone.

Ekstra person on the ground could also report to the police at the job center.

– There was gathered a lot of police with submachine guns and bulletproof vests, he says.

Vagtchefen indicated that they had had telephone contact with the person they were looking for.

the Police have had a very clear idea of where the perpetrator would have to be.

They drove out to the Vordingsborgs’s main street, where they almost throw politibilerne and rushes over to the two solaria, where they keep an eye on them, tells Extra the Magazine’s man on the spot.

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