In October could be ‘the Divas in the jungle’and ‘Today’s man’-baben Nynne Larsen and ‘X Factor’and ‘nice to love’-hunken Rasmus Nielsen reveal that they had begun to date.

A few weeks after they were officially boyfriends, but now it turns out that they are gone from each other.

I went from her for approximately three weeks ago. Nothing bad about the Hum, which is a really sweet girl, which I like very much, but I just don’t a future for us together in the long run. So there was like no reason to continue. I have a son, and I began to consider whether she was the one I wanted to start a family with, and it felt like I not, says Rasmus to Ekstra Bladet.

– Hum have not done anything wrong, but I just didn’t have the right feeling in the stomach. I don’t have time to have a relationship for fun, even if you like each other, deepening the Rasmus, who have chosen to make it clear to the Hum of a sms.

Danish celebrity – 16. dec. 2019 – at. 17:31 Reveals: I’ve got a girlfriend

She wrote to me that she felt that I was priority to her enough, and expected more, which opened up to that I wrote to her that I did not feel I had the time of my life to give more and not had the time right now, to be in a relationship. So she opened the little self up, he explains and adds:

– We talked about the face-to-face two times later on, so it was not, because we only wrote together. It could perhaps be made more galant in the first place, but that’s how it is. I feel, in any case, it was the right decision to join it, and we’re not going to find together again. We are not adversaries, but she was really hurt, so we are not really together anymore.

the Hum was in June single after a long relationship, and now she is back on the market again. Private.

According to the Hum course breach not quite, as Rasmus describes it, but she does not want to tell more about what she disagrees with in the.

– It must Rasmus even be bothered with. If he feels he can defend it for themselves on the way, so he must just do it. I have no further comments than the sounds of the cards from the Hum.

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