It surpasses all imaginable horrors, it can Lauren Wall well see.

Anyway, she has chosen to tell, that her mother paid for her dreams, when she as a 19-year-old was married to his sweetheart and the father of her baby, Paul White.

Shortly after the honeymoon left the man her: for none other than her own mother.

The she says in an interview with the Mirror, who also has spoken with the man and the mother on the case.

When the couple was married, it was Lauren’s mother, Julie, who had paid most of the wedding. Therefore thanked Lauren is also the mother to invite her with on their honeymoon.

But just eight weeks after the tour moved Paul out – and nine months later gave birth to her mother, a child, as Paul was the father of.

– Paul always came well out of it with my mother. I did not think about it, she was his mother-in-law, and he was just friendly. They laughed together. But I was not worried. Why should I be? she says to the Mirror.

As the two came home from the honeymoon, began Paul to change the behavior.

Suddenly he was very protective about his phone, and four weeks after the couple had said yes to each other, took Lauren out why.

On the phone there was messages between Paul and Julie, and after a long time to have to be concerned, she asked the man and his mother directly.

– My mother denied it. She said I was crazy. When I confronted Paul, he was quite pale, and he refused to let me see his phone.

A few days after the confrontation took Paul his wedding ring of and progressed from his new bride, and their seven-month-old daughter.

Julie and Paul denies that they have had an affair, but shortly after Paul moved out, took Lauren out that he had moved in with her mother.

– I could not believe that the two I loved most in all the world, could deceive me like that. It was sick. It is one of the worst things a mother can do to her daughter. Paul is clearly an idiot, but she is my mother. She should love me and protect me above all others. Instead, she stole my husband and destroyed my family and my dreams. I will never to forgive, tells Lauren that today is 35 years.

And if it to lose her husband to her mother was not hard enough, got Lauren yet another unpleasant surprise.

Shortly after having found out that the two lived together, she saw her mother walking down the street – and she was clearly pregnant.

– When I saw her, and that she had a big belly, went my brain crazy. She said it was a cyst. I was so sick of seeing her. I went home and smashed all the pictures from the wedding.

Exactly nine months after Paul had left, Lauren, gave birth to her mother his child.

the Mother tried to say, that the child’s father was a former gf, but there was no one in the family who believed in.

Been together ever since
Five years after Lauren had been married to Paul, it was now her mother’s turn to walk down the aisle.

Although Lauren and her mother still has a hard time with the situation, they have begun to work on their relationship.

– I am not talking with Paul, only when I’m with my mother. I have asked him to explain to our daughter what is going on, but he thinks that everyone has forgotten it now.

the Mother and Paul have been together since 2005, and in a comment to the Mirror Julie explained that the couple is married and they never had an affair.

Paul has refused to comment on the matter.