Stig Elling has in recent months been more and more difficult to move and perform simple everyday things.

This resulted in him back in november, you could tell Ekstra Bladet that he had started with a larger design an examination programme, as several doctors had suspected, that he suffers from Parkinson’s disease.

Now the course is over and, unfortunately, the 72-year-old Stig Elling today, Monday, a very difficult message.

‘Got a big mavepuster today. Was diagnosed with it, as I had hoped. Parkinson’s disease. Thank god is there to help you. Others have it worse’, he writes on his Facebook page.

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to Ekstra Bladet he elaborates:

– It was what I had feared, and it was a mavepuster. I am trying to tackle it by saying that none of us is immortal. I am, after all, not the worst affected, and I have a life still, and there are options and help.

– But it is clear that at the age of 72, the situation is not as fun as it could be, and it is a new life I need to live.

– The old good life of fun and games is over, but I’m trying to see the positive in a difficult time. I have to be, and it should do, I think. There is hope ahead, ” continues Stig Elling and adds:

on the other hand, was the doctor that found this stuff, very positive and had a good time. And it was really nice to see that they had a good time for me, so it’s all in the least has happened in a good way despite everything.

the Facts about Parkinson’s disease

Parkinson’s disease is one of the commonest neurological diseases.Approx. 7300 people live in Denmark with Parkinson’s disease, but many more are as relatives affected by the disease.The average age at diagnosis is 61 years, but the disease occurs also in younger persons all the way down at the end of the 20’s.

Parkinson’s disease has the following typical symptoms:

RystenMuskelstivhedLangsomme and sluggish movements

Source: Parkinsonforeningen

Rejsekongen tells that he must now start a process where he will take the medicine and be through various studies.

– I should make it life, there are back – and hopefully still is far. But it will never be as before, and therefore I am a bit upset about it. And I want it really not for others, says Stig Elling, who has a clear message to others:

– When you have some symptoms, so you only have to go to the doctor immediately. You must not do like me and go thither in the late. I thought I could walk on water, and I could not. And I think it could have ended differently for me, if I had gone to the doctor before. None of us is immortal.

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Stig Elling try to be optimistic in this difficult time, and he very much welcomes that he has a wonderful circle of friends.

– I have a large and wonderful network with friends and family, that helps and is positive. And on Facebook today there have also been many who have written nice words to me, sounds it from him.

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