the Two younger men’s dramatic traffic accident with a potent McLaren-sports car Saturday on the outskirts of Odense train Tuesday, in an unexpected, new twist.

Ekstra Bladet learns that a jysk 44-year-old businessman, who rented the white fartuhyre, Tuesday over dinner in the Court of Esbjerg was remanded in a case relating to illegal weapons-possession.

according to the police prosecutor, Christian Flethøj Ege talk about a gun with ammunition.

The sharp firearms have sprung up in connection with the fact that the police in the extension of the wreck carried out a search of the now sifted biludlejers private luxury property in the south-east of Jutland.

the Police did not wish to comment on, why there was a need to conduct a search.

Christian Flethøj the Oak tells that the man was remanded in custody in the preliminary 12 days. An order that the prisoners on the spot kærede to the high court.

the Hearing took place behind closed doors, and therefore want the prosecutor not to tell more.

Forretningsmandens wife were released after interrogation. The pair are both involved in the family business, which had the spectacular sports car of the type S650 Spider in its lease-park.

Ekstra Bladet has tried in vain to get both of them in the speech. His lawyer also failed to take.

The now-imprisoned businessman does not, however, hide the fact that it is now totally burned out McLaren sports car on Saturday, was let to one of the two men, 29 and 23 years, who was in the car when it crashed.

On the social media, the 44-year-old landlord explained that one of the two men in the car was a good business partner, as a form of vennetjeneste was allowed to rent a McLaren sports car for a day.

the Businessman says, to the tenant and a buddy rented the car, because they had to attend a betrothal. The landlord claims that he afterwards checked the car’s gps tracker, which supposedly shows that the driver drove a handful of kilometers over the allowable.

He writes, that the vehicle has a very rigid chassis. In his opinion, it should be gone in slippage in the connection with a gear shift.

The relationship will now be more closely examined by police technicians.

the Police have stated that it was the 29-year-old man, who sat behind the steering wheel, since the sports car hit several street trees and burned out totally out of the address Åsumvej 203 in the Odense district of Vollsmose.

It succeeded the two men to rescue himself out of the car before it was engulfed in flames.


329 km/h top speed

Potentially a McLaren-sports car of the type S650 Spider accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in three seconds and can shoot a speed of 329 km/h when driving conditions are optimal.

But officially it is unclear how high the rate was when the driver lost control of the potent vehicle and crashed.

A McLaren S650 Spider weighs 1400 kilos.

It is equipped with a 3.8-liter V8 engine with dobbeltturbo.

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