the job centers were a private company, they were long since gone bankrupt. Less than ten percent of the available rooms indicates that it was the job centres, who helped to a new job. No business would survive, that less than ten percent of the customers are satisfied.

Özlem Cekic and I now have in four months followed the two available nydanskeres way through the job centers, and it was appalling.

politicians should put the wise men to devise a new system. Minister for employment Peter Hummelgaard know that the job centres are not functioning optimally. Directly confronted on Ekstra Bladet TV works he’s actually sincere and very concerned to improve the system.

will not, however, be to close down the jobcentres, such as Özlem Cekic and I suggested Wednesday. The minister of employment is with a number of the other ideas we’ve come up with. You can see our five councils in the box here on the page.

use 13 billion dkk. each year at the job centers, without anyone knowing about it helps. One of our two protagonists were 23 meetings in two years and got piles of advice and guidance in writing applications.

why, then, none of the consultants all the misspelled words, and a lack of real argument that businesses should hire her?

gave her a job in ILVA, not a dream job, as a decorator, but a way to a dream job. A method, our main character also was not made aware of the many oriented job consultants. We have this week received piles of similar stories.

the Extra Leaf we do not matter here. We keep the minister affirmed that there must be something. It has the available and Denmark need.

Five jobråd to those who have the power

At the job centres . Too much is about control. A new system should put the citizen at the centre, where there is one entrance, one case worker and one plan. Jobindsatsen must be a house where all the experts in the field of social, health and employment working together under one roof. the Jobuddannelse to all. All of the danes respecting the concept of education. Therefore jobpraktik replaced by jobuddannelse, as is targeted training with final certificate of what has been learned. It increases the nydanskeres opportunity for jobs either within the company or in another company, because they can demonstrate what they have learned. The carrot for the company is that they get far more qualified labor. The salary is a lower phasing-in wages. It is Hummelgaard on. the Danish lessons are free , including a free shuttle service to and from the classroom. In return migrants have to pass a Danish language test after completing the jobuddannelse, otherwise, they continue on the lower phasing-in wages for the same work that others perform to their full salary. Hummelgaard say yes to free education, not transportation. the Grants for businesses , moves the English – and jobundervisning out in the workplace. In turn, the company must guarantee half of permanent employment afterwards. On the way saves nydanskerne transportation, and education are more business related. ’Intriguing idea,’ said Hummelgaard. the Stop the abuse. in Order to stop the abuse, there must be a limit on how many people each company must have in Jobuddannelse (now jobpraktik/virksomhedspraktikanter). New rules 1. January. ’And we are tightening again, if that’s not enough,’ says Hummelgaard.