In 2016, was Margot Robbie called Hollywood’s new shooting star after his performance in the film ‘Suicide Squad’.

Since there has been full speed on his career, and soon, the australian actor once again current, when she plays the role of Kayla Pospisil in ‘Bombshell’, which is about the Fox News scandal, where allegations of a culture of sexual harassment ended up costing the long-standing chief Roger Ailes the job. He came back in 2016.

the 29-year-old Robbie, who is a declared feminist, hope that the film can be to move something in the society, where women – according to the actor – too often have to put up with sexual harassment.

Photo: Lisa O’connor

– Receipt of the film has been incredible. I was hoping that it would move something on the way, said Margot Robbie to Variety in conjunction with the movie’s premiere in Los Angeles.

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In the cast are also big names like Charlize Theron and Nicole Kidman.

– We have talked a lot about it, because sexual harassment is not only a problem that women must solve. It is something we all must solve together, said Margot Robbie, and continued.

– I can imagine that all the men out there have a daughter, a wife, a mother, a friend or a lover. They do not want, that they must exist in a world where they may not can take to work or feel comfortable. It wants no, and I hope that together, we can solve the problem.

Australian Margot Robbie on the red carpet. Photo: Ritzau Scanpix

For Charlize Theron, it was important that the film was not informative. It should show the reality, as the man at Fox News worked in, she says.

‘Bombshell’ is set to premiere in Denmark 27. February next year.