The former Minister of Social Welfare, former Government delegate in the Valencian Community and former regional representative of the Popular Party, Carmen Mas, died this Thursday at the age of 70, as confirmed by party sources.

Graduate of Law, Carmen Mas practiced law between 1977 and 1980, and later performed the functions of substitute secretary in the Court of First Instance of Tarancón (Cuenca), Tarragona and in the District Court number 10 of Valencia.

She was a PP deputy in Les Corts Valencianes, where she entered in 1996 after the resignation of Carlos González Cepeda to be a Government delegate – a position in which she would precisely replace him four years later – and she revalidated the record in the regional elections of June 1999.

In the configuration of Eduardo Zaplana’s second term at the head of the Generalitat, Carmen Mas was appointed Minister of Social Welfare in July 1999, which made her the fourth woman to hold an executive portfolio in the Consell, after Pilar Pedraza, María Angels Ramón-Llin and Marcela Miró.

She managed this Department until May 2000, when she was appointed Government delegate in the Community – her replacement in the Valencian Government was Rafael Blasco – and she resigned from the parliamentary seat as it was incompatible with her new responsibility, which she held until April 2002.

During her term as Government delegate, she suffered a brain aneurysm in June 2001, from which she recovered and which led her to be on leave for several months, and she continued to hold the position until she resigned in April 2002 for personal reasons and was replaced. the then first vice president of the Congress of Deputies, Francisco Camps.