KUMAMOTO (Ekstra Bladet): Sandra Toft jumped the workout over before the match against France, and when she goes on the field and grab 15 balls and are faced with a paradeprocent at 47, can be shown not to point the finger at the decision.

however, We must not be nervous, that she was secretly struggling with an injury, she says. But she has a groin that can be a tease, if you do not care for it properly.

– No, I did not with. I do not have problems, and it’s all about, that we make sure I don’t get it. We play many matches in a few days, it is a game program.

A single day of rest is all it can be, in Denmark, in day meetings, Norway, on Monday, the Netherlands and on Wednesday Serbia.

– It is totally crazy to go and be happy to have beaten France, and the next, there is waiting, there is kraftedeme Norway, so… Now comes the big just like a string of pearls, says Sandra Toft.

– I’m fine enough with meeting them, even though I know it will be røvhamrende difficult. It will be the same kind of struggle. It may well be the missing seven-eight players, but they play always good to championships, regardless of who they are with.

Sandra Toft cheering after one of his 15 saves against France. Photo: Charly Triballeau/AFP/Ritzau Scanpix

She played three seasons for Larvik, within the club sovsede in the blood-red figures. She knows each and every one on the Norwegian team.

– There are a handful I have played with and against, and the other, I also know really well on venindeplan. I know them all together, and it is not a long time ago, I played along with them from Team Esbjerg.

They have one called Stine Bredal cultural life…

– She is fairly good.

the World’s best?

Jojojo! She is extremely quick in its feints and changes of direction, and she shoots hard and is good to play his team-mates. She is just a complete playmaker.

Norway is equal to raw kontraekspres, which can give a keeper hissing for the ears. The norske jenter, have so far over 50 contras and scored at the 44.

– How is it always when one meets Norway, but it was also what we feared from the French. Them we got shut down, but Norway is probably even sharper on kontrafasen, so it becomes even harder against them. The prescription will be the same, and it’s about to get the shoes on the back of the neck and come home in the defense.

Any burned shots are…

– A risikozone for a kontring. So they must just do not burn!

What is the feeling you have right now before the three decisive battles?

– It is a relief without equal. Now we have taken the first step and averted the disaster, we stood with one leg down in the. That we could beat verdensmestrene and avoid smoking out, I am very proud of, but we have still not secured the OLYMPIC qualifiers or something.

How far do you back to find a similar performance?

– I have never ever gambled in my life already in the group. It is hard to put into words how big an achievement it was to beat France. One is that I was pretty sure we measured on the quality could beat them – anything else is that we could do it with the mental pressure, there were, I think it is great. I think it gives a selvtillidsboost.

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