He is the world’s best juniorspiller, and opens after the new year his journey up the pensioners world rankings. A trip that’s going to require her husband.

in turn, will 16-year-old Holger Rune hardly shaking in its tennisshorts, if he will look across the net at a topnavn.

The Danish stjernefrø is already started to get used to dealing with the absolute superstars.

In november trained he thus, with Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Stefanos Tsitsipas and Alexander Zverev during the men’s sæsonfinale in London and this week was the trip then come to Serena Williams. This time under the Florida sun.

– It was nice to train with Serena, which was really sweet. We played not for points, but drove through some different exercises, reports Holger Rune with plenty of sunshine in the voice of the Boca Raton Resort & Club, where he of Serenas coach, Patrick Mouratoglou, and his academy are invited in the training camp

She said before the workout that she had seen me play and that I looked so crazy good, that she had wanted to train with me.

It is quite natural for 16-year-old Holger Rune with the big stars. Private
About the experience of meeting the sport’s biggest names, he says.

– It has been a little different. Roger and Serena was very pleasant to meet, while Djokovic was a bit more grimly.

In Florida, where the american super talent Coco Gauff is among the participants, he has been through a varied program.

– There have been a lot of training and different activities. It’s damn fun. I enjoy being in the heat and train hard. It is an insanely good arrangement, roses he.

– It is really good training partners, so there is a lot of good tennis and lots of nice people around me. It is cool to socialize with people who have the same high ambitions as me.

Holger Rune have loved to give it gas on the sun-drenched courts in Florida. Private
high ambitions in the increasingly become repaid in the year.

– I think it has been a great year with lots of good experiences and victories, says Holger Rune.

– I have given the max throttle on the training field, and it has given the bonus, so I could be at a performance, but I still had not thought at the start of the year, that I should win a grand slam (French Open, red.) and sæsonfinalen and finish as verdensranglistens number one.

Stortalentet Coco Gauff to take the lead with the rhythm in the body, while Holger Rune (tv) trying to keep up with. Private
HICCUPS-the player is well aware of that, now waiting for a life on the not-so-great scenes.

-We have talked about, that it’s going to be different and not so fancy the next while, but when I come through it, so it gets the super-fancy, reads it with an audible smile.

– do you Want it enough, you’ll also through. And regardless of the wings, so it is still tennis matches, as I love to play.

He has already received a taste of the adult resistance.

– the Difference is, that seniors are mentally more mature. Juniorerne can play just as well but take more stupid decisions, while the seniors play it as they can. Some of them can be some slightly strange things, which they in turn are good for.

– The mental will be important, but right now I feel quite strong in that area. I have talked a lot with my mental coach, Lars Robls, and he has also pushed me in some difficult træningssituationer, he says.

Holger Rune have had the great pleasure of training camp, which is organized by the academy, he is assigned to. Private
In Team Rune discusses the ranglistemål for 2020, and of course Holger the most optimistic in a season where he start to play small ITF tournaments with $ 15,000 in prize money, while junior ones-will have five wildcards to the slightly higher category, with 25,000 dollars.

I need as quickly as possible in the Top 400 and hopefully around april/may. Lars (Christensen, Holger’s trainer) believes that I can reach the top 300 by year-end. Although, I think in the Top 100, he says.

In the summer he left school, and the miss he certainly was not.

Haha, no I do not. It is nice to be able to think about tennis all the time and give it full gas. Within the sport, there are also many things I constantly need to relate to them, so it is also a form of training.

Holger Rune and Serena Williams trainer in the south of france

Tennis – 27. oct. 2019 – at. 11:20 Big triumph: to the top

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