minister for Children and education), Pernille Rosenkrantz-Theil (S) closes a national unit for the smart kids.

The special talentenhed to support the education of the brightest students, but the 65 million dollars must instead go to a general lifting of the primary school.

It writes Jyllands-Posten.

if you Ask the cand.pedagogue. Birgitte Arnvig, is it a bad decision.

She works with talent development and highly gifted children, and she is a part of the network Gifted Children, which works to advance the promotion of gifted children’s well-being.

– It is a bad idea, because it sends a signal to the schools that this area is not important.

– It is not the promotion of gifted children to the good, you take the focus, she says.

According to Birgitte Arnvig, the children must be identified early. Therefore, one should instead put the money to professionshøjskolerne, so that teachers and educators can be trained to spot the promotion of gifted children.

– Otherwise, students to be underydere, which means that they lose the desire to learn. They simply give up.

– at the same time, Denmark must live by innovation and the ability to think differently. And it makes the children, but if you do not have focus on it, so they feel different, sounds it.

the Liberal party undervisningsordfører, Ellen Trane Nørby, and undervisningsordfører Anne Sophie Callesen (R) looks either not positive on the change.

– of course, It is really important to lift the grade school, and we are therefore also pleased that we in the budget have found a billion to the primary school, together with the government.

– Therefore, one may ask why there is a need also to remove 65 million from a talentindsats. It means something to the kids who are strongest academically, which can also become vulnerable when they do not get the help they need, says Anne Sophie Callesen.

Research and development manager Andreas Rasch-Christensen from Via University College does not believe that it is necessarily a bad idea to put the money over to the schools.

– But it is also essential to maintain that schools have a focus on talent development, he stresses.

To provide resources to schools to lift disadvantaged students, he says.

But it is important that you find out how to support the most talented students from a broad view – those who are academically strong, but also those with social skills and discipline, sounds it.

Pernille Rosenkrantz-Theil, however, is firm on the decision to drop the talentenheden with reference to the fact that schools need a general boost.

– It will benefit all pupils – including those who need more hjerneguf, she says to Jyllands-Posten.