Prime minister Boris Johnson has scored a historic electoral victory, with a conservative majority not seen since the under Margaret Thatcher in 1987.

However, the conservative victor can forget about to rest on our laurels.

The britons, Ekstra Bladet Friday morning meetings at the Manchester streets, is grundtrætte after three and a half years of brexit-deadlock.

Policy – 13. dec. 2019 – at. 05:36 Boris monster-victorious – Bloodbath for Corbyn

Ed Clarke, 59, forsikringssælger: Photo: Tariq Mikkel Khan

– There was a majority of the population, which would out of Europe. Now we have talked about brexit in three years. Whether you agree with Boris Johnson or not, so here is a opportunity to get the brexit to happen.

– What do you think is going to happen? Being brexit is really on to something?

– I think it actually now; with the majority, Boris has got. Get it now just over.

Martin Gibbs, 39, and Neil Turpin, 31, both construction workers: Photo: Tariq Mikkel Khan

– I think it is absolutely fantastic. The best thing that could happen for the country, says Martin Gibbs.

– Why?

– It is better than the Labour party, not true?

– I am very disappointed, featuring Neil Turpin into. – I would have Labour in again.

– But now it seems that the brexit is going to happen. What do you say to it?

I voted to be. I would be in Europe, but you would out, wouldn’t you?

– Yes, and now it would finally happen after three years, says Martin Gibbs.

– How tired are you of brexit after three and a half years of talk?

– the Whole country is tired of it. But, hopefully, perform Boris the now.

Sophie Burrows, 28, clerk: Photo: Tariq Mikkel Khan

– I am disappointed. It is not the result I or my friends had hoped. I thought I had learned of my mistake after brexitafstemningen not to be too expectant. But now I’m just disappointed again.

– What do you say to that brexit now seems to be happening?

– Not happy. I wouldn’t have it. In an ideal world it would be sent back to the people for a final vote. But if it must happen, it must happen. Now, let’s get it and christmas is over.

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