One of the several consequences of being a former holder of a global empire is that some teams must travel very far to play cup matches.

in Particular, one team from a little island in the indian ocean takes it head on, that was good and well-9656 kilometers, or what is due to the BBC’s calculations, the required 11 hours in an airplane to travel. And it should also preferably be done a week before in order to avoid, among other things jet lag.

It is, however, the conditions for the French JS Saint-Pierroise from the French island of Reunion located in the Indian Ocean, with Madagascar to the west, as the nearest neighbor. The distance also do not prevent the club’s supporters in that meeting, strong in numbers, especially now where the team spectacularly fought themselves completely to sekstendedelsfinalerne in the French cup.

It came to pass at a sensational victory 2-1 against Niort from Ligue 2, there was exactly 9656 kilometres away. And it was with distance Reunions greatest sporting achievement. Saint-Pierroise has been ømestre five years in a row, but the triumph in Niort, beats everything. And the big victory gave the aftershocks, which clearly could be felt above all on the tiny volcanic island.

– It was crazy – everyone in the media talked about the victory. It’s never happened before, so it’s a really big thing, explains the team’s absolute stjernespiller, Elliot Grandin, who has a background in, among other things Marseille and Crystal Palace.

People are happy because it is so rare a history. It is good for people don’t know much about the Reunion-football, so it is a great chance for players to show their talent, and that is what we did. Now do people take us seriously, he continues.

The whole week, they have on the mainland are apparently well used. In any case, it has become a relationship, they manage to exploit to their advantage, says Grandin.

– We are staying at the hotel together and prepares us for a week, but it is not easy when there is so much. We will have to use the week to prepare ourselves well, we will have to be confident.

the Club’s fans have also impressed with the great attendance and plenty of or more main gun barrels and the atmosphere. How they get it to hang together logistically, is that nobody knows. But the passion is apparently strong enough.

– People are crazy with football over here. Stadium in Niort, was filled with people from the Reunion, as I can recognize. ‘Wow, I know the guy, he comes in the stadium every time, and I also know about it and the guy’ – this is how I have it. And danced and sung, and every time we play in France, there are plenty of people from the Reunion. I don’t know how they do it, but they keep coming back,

the Back of the story is, however, the sporting consequences it had for Niort to lose to the unsuspected islander. Their manager was fired immediately after the defeat. It might provide a reason for nervousness for the trainer at SAS Epinal from fjerdebedste number. It is namely Saint-Pierroises next opponent on Saturday. And the goal is clear – there must not hviles on our laurels, but fights for a ottendedelsfinale and a meeting with one of the really big clubs.

– We must not forget to work hard, and I hope we will reach the next round, says Grandin.

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