the Concept of the sports bra was invented back in 1975, but the target audience has been primarily women.

Under the current EM-finals in handball, men have also been forced to play with a little short top that looks like a sports bra on the dot. It has the european håndboldforbund dictated.

– It is not up to me. It is a little tragic, says Norway’s record producer Sander Sagosen to NRK.

(See the photo of håndboldmændenes sports bra – RIGHT HERE.)

the Reason that the players must wear the bra is that the under the EM must have a chip on them, so that can be measured speed, number of steps, the rate of fire and hophøjde.

– It is a little different, but you get used to it. It is unfamiliar, for it is not something I go by so often, tells another of the stars Christian O’Sullivan.

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The Norwegian håndboldspillere is not used to playing with the sports bra, as they are forced to under the EM. Photo: JONATHAN NACKSTRAND/Ritzau Scanpix

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Also the national coach Christian Berge acknowledges the problem.

– There has been dissatisfaction with the equipment, for it has been designed poorly. Get you order on it, then we like to play with a chip, says Berge.

The Norwegian players hope to obtain the modified sports bra’s for the regular t-shirts later in the tournament. Preliminary, they have been tried with little hjemmesyning, so the sports bra’s at least feels like t-shirts.

The unusual garment makes you at home in front of the tv screen can get various statistics on the players.

Same measurements carried out in the German Bundesliga, but here players are allowed to use an undershirt instead of the bra.

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the Players at the handball-EM are forced to wear the sports bra under the shirt. Photo: JONATHAN NACKSTRAND/Ritzau Scanpix