It was a storsmilende and somewhat thinner version of ‘the Family from Bryggen’-the star Cengiz Salvarli, on Wednesday evening met up on the red carpet for ” movie premiere gala of ‘the Clown – The Final’ at the Bremen Theatre along with his wife, Stephanie Salvarli – better known as Geggo.

Here he could proudly say he is in just a few months has lost around ten kilos.

– There is smoked a little. I have been in intensive training. I was tired of looking at the television and think: ‘Are you mad. Where are you thick’. So in the new season it must be a little better, he said with a grin.

– How many kilos is that smoked?

– Which has lost ten kilos since last season, and then there came a little muscle on, he said further and revealed that he has followed a diet plan, hoping to get a more muscular upper body.

He is almost back, as when I met him, said Geggo with a laugh.

Danish celebrity – 18. jan. 2020 – pm. 07:59 – We are not adversaries any longer

It is clear to see that something has happened with Cengiz the last months. Photo: Jonas Olufson

According to Cengiz have the recipe for him has been to eat healthier and spend several hours in the fitness center.

I spend a lot of time in the gym, said Cengiz, who was quickly supplemented by his wife:

– too much. He is boring to live with now. For he eats so healthy, no? And I eat the not so healthy. So I say all the time: ‘What do we have to eat’, and he just says ‘salad and chicken’, and I’m like: ‘Aw. Should I just eat alone?’ Fortunately, I have Alba, who eats with me, she said with a laugh.

the Family is just now starting to record a new season of ‘the Family from Bryggen’. When it premiered at the not yet.

below you can see a few pictures of Cengiz, as he looked, before he began to train intensively:

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Photo: Mogens Flindt

Photo: Mogens Flindt

Photo credit: Jonas Olufson

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