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the San Siro was buzzing with anticipation evening.

Under the magical light of the historic stadium, it could be a big season for the nerazzurri moved up one level.

All because an elegant Danish fodboldmagiker had packed the magic wand in London and set course for Milan.

Christian Eriksen took on Wednesday evening for the severity of the hole on his career as a Inter-play.

The pompous pictures donning the blue suit from the Scala opera house, was the past. Now, it was the work of the present day. With kedeldragten, Inter-coat with rygnummer 24 and off.

Christian eriksen’s admission of Milan has raised its adherents ‘ expectations for the season.

Just a day after the dane was officially presented as Inter-play hang the jerseys with rygnummer 24 in large numbers in the many stalls around the giant stadium and long before the kick-off of the showdown against Fiorentina, there were plenty of Eriksen-shirts, who wandered around.

– Eriksen becomes the best selling shirt quickly, smiled antonietta’s Sole.

– the Proponents have until now gone after Lautaro Martinez and Romelo Lukaku, but it is Eriksen going after now, ” says antonietta’s Sole.

On a curb sitting three companions – Matteo, Fabio and Luigi, who have taken the long trip from Ancona to see Christian eriksen’s debut in the Inter-coat.

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Photo: Lars Poulsen

– Christian Eriksen can make us to the champion. It is a little in the same way as Wesley Sneijder led the team to greatness under José Mourinho, it came with conviction from Matteo.

– We have lacked the player to stand for dødboldene. It may not fit Marcelo Brozovic should do it. Christian Eriksen must lift our dangerousness on dødboldene. With Lukaku in front of goal, we need him, he stated, while Fabio voted in.

– Christian Eriksen is our star now… along with Lukaku. With Christian Eriksen coming greatness back to Inter. Just wait, next season we semifinalister in the Champions League.

– And the championship…?

– It wins we since now, I predict Fabio with a grin, knowing that the Inter the past few weeks have thrown to first place Juventus who now has a lead of three points at the top of Serie A.

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Photo: Lars Poulsen

Emad Abdulhmid and Miriam Domingo at the San Siro. Photo: Lars Poulsen

in Front of the stadium stands Miriam Domingo with her boyfriend Emad Abdulhami and itching of the joy of having to see Christian Eriksen in the Inter-coat. They have made the trip all the way from Rome.

– We have followed him long at Tottenham, and it is indeed a full spinnaker. Plenty of technical flair, a good eye for the fellow player and a fantastic finishes. I’m completely in the clouds above, he is now Inter-plays.

– thus, It is a play which has been repeatedly linked with Real Madrid, Barcelona and Paris Saint Germain. It is a world-class player. A star. He is in Inter, smiled Miriam Domingo, if the enthusiasm will get her boyfriend to forget his reservations about talk English and he blades.

– We set out on a journey with Antonio Conte. It has been some weak year in recent seasons, but it is reversed now thanks to Anotnio Conte. He has picked players who have redeemed the club. The championship is within reach. A new era has begun, says Emad Abdulhami.

– It all falls into place now… Christian Eriksen is the last piece of the puzzle, ” said Miriam Domingo.

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