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the SF and Enhedslisten will have a presentation from the minister of defence Trine Team (S), after it has emerged that crown prince Frederik has held secret meetings with senior members of the Defense.

Information about the meetings comes from netmediet Olfi, which covers the Danish defence and security policy.

Here, the crown prince allegedly had disclosed sensitive information about the internal conditions in the Defense.

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– We know not technically what is going on at these meetings. But it is deeply objectionable, if the crown prince under the guise of private, secret dinner parties receives information about the internal conditions in and about the Defense, says the defense Anne Valentina Berthelsen (SF).

Netmediet have been given access to the information, confirming that meetings have taken place a couple of times a year, and that the most recent took place 6. november 2019.

In attendance were, among others, commanders of the Navy, the Air force and Specialoperationkommandoen (Sokom).

the Meetings are according to the Olfi been held without the defence minister or other members of the government have been informed.

the Unity defense, Eva Flyvholm, believes it is “extremely striking” that so many of the top-ranking people to meet with the crown prince.

– I must admit that I think it seems very strange, and I totally agree, that is something that needs to be investigated, she says.

It is not confirmed that there have been actually exchanged sensitive information for the meetings.

But attendance gives a strong suspicion about what is going on, believe Olfis editor, Peter Ernstved Rasmussen.

In a written response, says the Defense, that there is not a gallery or anything else that may sound underhand, or suspicious.

– There is talk about a reunion with a dinner among friends, colleagues and acquaintances. Just as there is no attempt made to do it secretly, says chief of defence Bjørn Bisserup.

According to the Defence Bjørn Bisserup even participated in two gatherings, in which there has been talk about a fixed its intake.

in addition, It is not forsvarschefen, who has invited to the dinner it sounds.

the Left has not wanted to comment to the news agency Ritzau. Also The Conservative calls for calm.

– I think SF needs to relax. We know not whether there being exchanged secret information, ” says Naser Khader (C), chairman of the Parliamentary defence committee, to DR.

– I trust that those who participate are so professional that they only tell what must be told in such contexts, he adds.

Neither the royal family or more of the main characters from the Defence wanted to comment on the story above for P1.

Nor does the defence minister want to comment on the case, informs the ministry to the news agency Ritzau.

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