Small waves washes over the beach.

There is a view to the windswept and grey the Sound from the living room and from the balcony on the førstesal – in this strandvejsvilla immediately to the north of Copenhagen.

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The button 140 square meters property appears as the message between massive neighbours, but under the facade is the framework of a secret, powerful network of executives in the Defense and crown prince.

the House’s owner called His Herluf Pedersen, who is efterforskningschef in the department of defense Auditørkorps and long-standing friend of the crown prince.

His Ambassador Pedersern, there is efterforskningschef in the department of defense Auditørkorps, the owner of the villa, where forsvarscheferne and the crown prince meet. Photo: Rasmus Flindt Pedersen

Hans Herluf Pedersen and his wife stands for the food, and there is no agenda at meetings, of which the latest took place 6. november of last year.

in Addition to His Herluf Pedersen participants spoke the crown prince, forsvarchef Bjørn Bisserup, chief of the Søværnskommandoen, Torben Mikkelsen, commander of the Flyverkommandoen, Donald Rex, head of the Specialoperationskommandoen, Peter Boysen and Nils Wang, who is the director of the Naval Team Denmark.

The writing netmediet OLFI.

As Extra the Leaf is knocking at the door of His Herluf Pedersen Saturday afternoon to ask about the network, will not be opened.

Carporten stands empty.

There are also radio silence from all other participants except Forsvarschefen, who reject that the network is unlisted.

– There is not a lodge or anything else that may sound underhand and suspicious. There is talk about a reunion with a dinner among friends, colleagues, and acquaintances. Just as there is no attempt made to make it a secret

– There is therefore thus also not talking about an orientation about the specific or confidential relationship to his royal highness crown prince Frederik from the Defence side, says Bjørn Bisserup.

According to Defense has forsvarschefen participated in two meetings.

the Defense denies that there is a permanent its intake, and it is not forsvarschefen, who has invited to dinner.

Hans Herluf Pedersen was the 1980s bodyguard for crown prince Frederik, and they have over the years developed a close and personal friendship. Photo: Torben Stroyer

According to Kurt Klaudi Klausen, who is a professor at the University of Southern denmark, specializing in public management, is the crown prince’s participation in the power of the network during all the criticism.

It is not publicly known what the network is discussing at the meetings, but it can be a purely private gathering.

nevertheless, states the professor, to forsvarschefen and the royal family notwithstanding, should have contacted the government.

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– It is explosive, because it is about the constitution.

– We have a royal family that must take care of two things – it will represent Denmark inwards and outwards.

– It must not be blamed for wanting to interfere in politics or public management. We are talking here about a regular errors, he says to Ekstra Bladet.

the Royal family do not have the answer Extra the Magazine’s request.