It came to going hard out over a number of parked cars in the Falstergade in Aarhus, as a 33-year-old man on Friday evening decided to sit behind the wheel of his car in the guilty of drink-driving mode.

It writes the local paper in Aarhus.

The 33-year-old drunk driver hit not less than nine parked cars in the street, after which he according to the police rushed away from the spot.

We were at 19.49 a review about a car påkørte some passenger cars in the Falstergade and drove away in high speed.

– We got the car’s license plate and a description of the man, and it led to, that we could stop the car around Klostertorv, where there was made a spritprøve-exhaling at the man, says vagtchef by east Jutland Police, Morten Hansen.

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Photo: Rasmus Laurvig/Byrd

Photo: Rasmus Laurvig/Byrd

Photo: Rasmus Laurvig/Byrd

Alkoholtesten showed not surprisingly that the man had a higher bac than allowed, after which he was arrested and taken to the station for a blodrøve.

the Man has been released again, but can according to vagtchefen look forward to a dull surprise, when the carpenters after Friday’s escapades have subsided.

-We also intercepted the man’s car. He has been charged with drunk driving with property damage, and there comes a big claim, when it happened under the influence of alcohol, says Morten Hansen.