7. march writes Mark O. Madsen a new chapter in his MMA career.

In T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas meetings, the former breaks the american Austin Hubbard at UFC 248.

What he writes on Facebook on Saturday.

this is The first time, Mark O. goes in oktagonen on foreign ground, after he since the beginning of 2018 has fought seven battles in Denmark with the victory of Danilo Belluardo in september as the latest.

the Same battle was his debut in the UFC-the auspices – the first of four battles, he has secured.

the 28-year-old Hubbard has for comparison 14 matches on the cv. He has won the 11. In the UFC under the auspices of the it has been to two: One won and one lost.

Ekstra Bladet has tried to capture the Mark O. Madsen for a comment, but it is at the time of writing not been successful.

on Friday he would not confirm anything, but said:

– I can say so much, in the UFC-level, and here we are talking about the worlds biggest MMA alliance, there is talk about two kinds of races: the A – and B-events. The so-called ’Fight Nights’ are less rallies, while the numbered events (such as UFC 248, ed.) are the absolute greatest.

– If I get the honour of getting allowed to stand in such a framework (UFC 248, ed.), it will be exceptionally great! For general should europeans fight very much in order to be allowed to get on american fight cards – especially the PPV events, he said.

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