There are name two of semifinalisterne at the european championships in handball.

on Monday evening came the Spanish hĂ„ndboldherrer in Croatia’s footsteps, as they defeated Belarus 37-28 in mellemrundens group 1 and secured career advancement.

Hviderusserne came well with in the first half, but a virtually flawless Spanish the second half made for a superior victory.

Wednesday will meet Croatia and Spain in a direct duel for the group’s first autobiography, and thus the right to meet number two from the second mellemrundegruppe.

the Croats were already on since the previous Monday defeated the Czech republic 22-21 and brought on eight points. The same number as Spain.

At the “equal points” is the showdown that is paramount, and therefore the fight will Wednesday decide who finishes on the group’s throne.

to book the ticket to the semifinals were the spaniards in the initially use a single point against Belarus.

Belarus did great and was ahead in the beginning, while the spaniards tried to get up to speed.

17-16 was the post in Spanish favor after the first half, but after the break they pulled Spanish favorites from.

the Keeper Gonzalo PĂ©rez de Vargas got a good hold on the belarusian shooters, and at the same time, was the spaniards efficient when they came forward to open the scoring opportunities.

It ended with a Spanish big win, and Spain can still note that the team is not gone from the pitch without having scored at least 30 goals in the european championship-fighting.

Later Monday to meet Austria and Germany in a match that not have an impact on the distribution of semifinalepladser.

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