While X-Factor for the 12. years in stroke glides across the screen in Denmark, the programme creates the british Simon Cowell sit quietly back in his chair and count his money.

Sky News has estimated his fortune to 385 million pounds. This corresponds to 3.4 billion crowns.

last year Alone, assesses the recognised journal, Forbes, that Simon Cowell earned 42 million dollars. It is equivalent to 283 million dollars.

It is not from the strangers, the 60-year-old celebrity has been his penchant for music. His father was a top executive in the record company EMI.

Up through the’80s, he was involved in the industry’s top names as Artists through the record company BMG.

But it was in 2001 that he came into talentscenen. Here he became a judge in Idols, who also ran in Denmark, and where Thomas Blachmann was a judge.

In 2004 he created the X Factor, which has since been sold to a number of countries. He still performs even as a judge in the program, where he will get the Thomas Blachmann to appear as a soft man, when Cowell really gets going.

He has also created the Britain’s got talent, there also appears to run in Denmark.

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