First, the good news: Pione Sisto looks to be back and may have a honest chance to play with in the EM heat if he continues with the goals and the beautiful dribleture as, for example, in the Copa del Rey match against Mérida.

Outside the rink, however, there is an easier bizarre case, as the Spanish sportsavis AS to have picked up.

Pione Sisto did a number of videos up as stories on his Instagram profile, and here you could see the aforementioned actions, and read, that he feels he has come back to his good old level.

the Problem was that you could hear baggrundssnak from the other team’s players, and it was not exactly all that necessarily had to go out into the public.

In the video, according to the Spanish media hear the Celta Vigo star Iago Aspas talk about the sale of Stanislav Lobotka (Which, incidentally, will give a big gain to Superliga club FC Nordsjælland), and compare it with a price on Villarreal striker Karl Toko Ekambi. He is rumored to Lyon, and in Sistos video will be counted on a price of 20 million euros, the equivalent of 150 million dollars.

Bagrundssnakken goes that Villarreal should get it twice for him, when you think about Lobotkas price.

Here 12 hours after Sisto put the videos up, they are still available for the over 60,000 followers, but they expire like other Instagram-stories after 24 hours.

The Danish dribbles have otherwise had a good tailwind in the sails of the past, which stands in stark contrast to his first part of the season, where it was not to many actions for the spain team.

A large part can probably be attributed to the new coach Óscar García, who has given a lot of trust to Sisto, since he came to power in november.

García had seen Sisto, since he had his international breakthrough in FC Midtjyllands matches Europa League matches against Manchester United, and it is the Sisto, he would like to find again.

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