It came as a shock to many, as the singer Pernille Rosendahl and the Liberal party’s former vice-president Kristian Jensen for a month’s time ago stood forth as a couple in the B. T., and Kristian Jensen at the same time told that he had separated from his wife for 21 years, Trina Overmark Jensen.

And the relationship between the two seems to go well.

In any case, judging from Pernille Rosendahls latest Instagram lookup. Here she has shared a picture, where Kristian Jensen stands with his back to. Under the picture she sends him a big declaration of love.

the Danish policy – 24. dec. 2019 – at. 07:28, Kristian Jensen breaks the silence

‘Always, high to heaven, when I’m with you,’ she writes to the image.

Kærlighedserklæringen comes at a time when Kristian Jensen may be said to be in crisis arbejdsfronten.

At the weekend he suggested without of his party in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten to make economic reforms across the middle. The opinions did not fall in good soil with Liberal leadership, and as a consequence got Kristian Jensen stripped of all its ordførerposter and udvalgspladser in the Danish Parliament.

Jakob Ellemann-Jensen tells why he struck so hard down on Kristian Jensen. Photo/producer: Rasmus Flindt/Lasse Brøndal

the Extra Leaf has the most recent time repeatedly tried in vain to get a comment from Kristian Jensen and Pernille Rosendahl in the context of their relationship.

To B. T., Kristian Jensen, however, previously explained, that he recent times have got strong feelings for Pernille Rosendahl, and at last he could not ignore them.

Danish well-known – 3. dec. 2019 – at. 22:05 Kristian Jensen divorce: now Form pairs with the well-known singer,

– I’ve got strong feelings for Paul, and I of course did not get on with, while I’m married. Therefore it is my decision that we must be parted, said Kristian Jensen and added:

– Love is a feeling which can not be control, he said further.

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