In his new book ‘Treble Triumph’ tells the Manchester City legend Vincent Kompany on how Liverpool’s tears did mesterskabssejren extra sweet.

The typing of The Sun, which has got an excerpt of belgierens book,

Manchester City would use the full 14 consecutive wins to secure the league title ahead of Liverpool in the last season. Last year’s team have not won the English championship in 29 years, why the title of the degree would fall on a dry place.

In the deciding round as it is, however, that the long drought was finally going to be wiped away as Brighton, against all expectations be able to put themselves in front 1-0 against Vincent Kompanys Manchester City. Liverpool was itself long since come ahead towards Wolverhampton. They would, therefore, with a pointtab of the City, could be crown as champions.

Liverpool fans in cheers after Brighton’s goal against Manchester City. Photo: Carl Recine/Ritzau Scanpix

After Brighton’s goal was Liverpool’s hjemmepublikum according to the former City-states started to take the pleasures in advance. He could let himself tell of a friend, who was present at Anfield.

‘He told me that there was a party atmosphere in the stadium and that some of their fans were crying while they said, ‘we’re going to do it’, writes Vincent Kompany in his book ‘Treble Triumph’.

As you know, it was not how it went. Glædestårerne must be wiped away in a hurry, as Manchester City only 11 minutes later had brought out front and, finally, to be able to walk from the pitch as English champions for the second year in a row with a victory of 4-1 in Brighton.

Manchester City finished the season with the three major English trophies, but the message from Anfield was the icing on the cake.

‘When I heard it, it dawned on me that it was all worth it, if it just destroyed their day a little bit’, says Vincent Kompany on in the book with reference to the Brighton føringsmål.

at the time Of writing leads Liverpool the lead in the Premier League with six points down to the defending champions. The two teams clash on Sunday in Liverpool. The match can be followed from at 17.30 at

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