Extra Magazine’s predictions

the V5-1: 10-8-12
V5-2: 4-6-2
V5-3: 2
V5-4: 3-5-11-8
V5-5: 8-3-4
135 crowns

V4-1: 3-5-11-8
V4-2: 8-3-4
V4-4: 3
V4-4: 4-3-9-2-8
120 crowns

(12 of V5-1) has been given a bad startspor, but it is a klassehest, who always give his best. Carter is offensive, then it will probably run until early in the course, and release it just fairly easy to through, the surprise.

(3 in V4-3) has got a fine job here, and I think the horse seems to be able to move up through the classes, and everything else than a victory must be disappointing.

Tips: Mogens Jensen

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on Sunday afternoon to run the last of the classic titles on Charlottenlund trotting track. It is N. J. Koster Memorial, where vinderhesten get a first prize of 75,000 Danish kroner.

Last year won the Swedish Justice Let the Danish storløb. It is again Sunday. Photo: Burt Seeger/the Danish Horse racing

See the Extra Magazine in V4 – and V5-tips for the day of the race above, and so provides travekspert and travtræner Kenneth Nielsen his bid to win – and pladsheste in the individual race including.

the Program for the races

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