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the Billionaire, Per Ulrik Andersen, who among other things is the co-owner of tøjvirksomheden Samsøe & Samsøe, has not only scored 50 percent of the ownership of the restaurantkæden Lêlê after a bankruptcy in the October – he has also led the mortgage-founder and frontman Anh Lês private millionvilla in Frederiksberg.

It appears by Tinglysningen.

Per Ulrik Andersen has got the mortgage, equivalent to 2.85 billion kroner, in the tv chef’s villa, which has a public assessment on the 7.844.000 crowns.

financial information – 8. nov. 2019 – at. 05:22 Require 9.7 million after the tv coke the bankruptcy

Thus the clothes-the millionaire, if the conditions of the encumbrance are not respected, and forced the tv chef to sell the house, if she can’t pay him 2.85 million.

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Anh Lê has been the figurehead for the restaurantkæden, and is among other things known as a chef in Go’ Morgen Danmark. Photo: Ritzau Scanpix

Lêlê-the chain was requested, the bankruptcy of 15. October, and a few days after, 29. October, was the mortgage in Frederiksberg-the villa is registered.

Though the chain was the subject of bankruptcy, running the restaurants, however, as in the past. The company’s values was in fact sold to a new company, where the Per Ulrik Andersen owns 50 percent.

Back are the creditors with claims of 9.7 million dollars, according to a report from the liquidator on the assets and liabilities of the bankruptcy estate, as the Extra Leaf is in the possession of.

In connection with the sale of the assets from the company, got the Jyske Bank, which was restaurantkædens bank, repaid the mortgage of the company’s assets equal to at least three million dollars.

According to the Tinglysningen had the bank during the bankruptcy proceedings, however, further security in Anh Lês property via a power of attorney over the very same ejerpantebrev at 2.85 million dollars, as Per Ulrik Andersen now have the mortgage in. The bank deleted his power of attorney 21. October.

the Deletion of the power of attorney suggests that the bank’s security in the property has engaged in the trade of the bankrupt restaurant chain, believes Lars Wismann, director at Wismann Property Consult, among other things, advises on investing in properties.

– It looks as if, to Per Ulrik Andersen has entered into an agreement with Jyske Bank to repay their mortgage in the enterprise, in return to take over the mortgage on the property in Frederiksberg.

– Jyske Bank has apparently wanted to get out of the company as soon as possible, and have probably chosen to ‘sell’ the mortgage in the company at undervalue to include the mortgage on the property be included in the deal, says Lars Wismann.

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the Curator Piya Mukherjee has not wanted to inform, exactly what Lêlês assets were sold on to.

But it appears from her statement of assets and liabilities of Jyske Bank in addition to mortgage for three million crowns had a mortgage in an apartment for occupation on Østerbrogade 56 in Copenhagen.

the Value of the mortgage in the proportion she wants, however, not to inform.

in Addition, in the price recognised that the company owed its employees 1.9 million crowns in the form of, among other things, failure to pay, as the new company undertook to pay.

the Profits of the estate from the sale of the assets amounted in total to 218.605 crowns.

from the administrator’s statement, the situation seems to, that the company values are sold for at least five million dollars, if you put three million crowns in a floating charge, the 1.9 million dollars to the employees, as well as 218.605 dollars in profits.

the Watchdog TV chef took illegal loans

Per Ulrik Andersen and Anh Lê will be through their press agency, also did not disclose exactly what assets are traded, but according to their PR people paid more than five million.

Neither Per Ulrik Andersen or Anh Lê has wanted to make up for the interview.