Police and the fire department was on Saturday afternoon and evening to present at Fisketorvet in Copenhagen, where there had been a escaping chemicals.

– We are down there with indsatsleder, patrol cars and fire brigade to assess the situation, said vagtchef Michael Andersen.

On Twitter informed the police that five persons had been reported as bad, and that, therefore, they were attended to by doctors on site. One of them, a woman, was taken to the observation at Hvidovre Hospital indicated vagtchefen Saturday night.

Shortly before the bell 19.45 informed the police that the man had evacuated a restaurant in the center.

– It is a restaurant on three floors, as we quietly take people out. They are asked to leave the premises quietly.

– They have found the source. It is a pump to a refrigeration plant, which has leaked in the basement, told vagtchefen.

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Photo: Kenneth Meyer

in Front of the Fisketorvet had one blocked Dybbølsbro of, so cars could not drive on the bridge over the railroad tracks.

– This is because we will not have more more. It is also to give the atria.

– Other guests, which is not present in restaurant allowed to be in there. If people can smell something, then they can go away from there, as they have gotten to know over the loudspeaker, said vagtchef Michael Andersen earlier Saturday evening.

At 21.30 police, that they have left the site again.

– We shut down. There may still be odors, but it is not something that is harmful, says vagtchef Michael Andersen.

He also says that the center is completely open for guests again, so you can continue to get in the cinema or the like in the center.

Photo: Kenneth Meyer