the 55-year-old Countess Alexandra is well underway to dismantle most of its protektioner.

for Example, she has previously stated that she stops as frontman for velgørenhedsarrangementet ECCO Walkathon after 20 years, she stops as patron of the national Association infant death after 15 years.

at the same time, it is long since announced that she from next year disclaims its apanage. The last salary from the Danish state falls in July, when prince Felix reaches the age of 18.

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In an interview with See and Hear tells the countess that it is time that she comes on in his life.

– There are several things I outweigh. But it is quite clear that I must move on in my life, and I am a big supporter of that when we close the doors, so it is important that we open some new ones. And it is a little hard to open new doors, if you get to keep the old ones open. Sometimes it’s easier to stick to the old, the comfortable and the easy, but I think it is important to have paved the way for some new things, and she says to the magazine.

Countess Alexandra with the children at this year’s Ecco Walkathon, which she for 20 years has been the frontman for. Photo: Anthon Unger

There is also plenty to address for the countess, who last month told the Ekstra Bladet that she has a good time in his service, which is based on the book ‘My happy land’.

At the book fair in 2018, she let out interview about the book, and here she came among other things, why she has opted out of the apanagen, as she has received since she and prince Joachim divorced in 2005.

– I have some friends that asked if I was totally crazy when I’m on the way tore the rug out from under myself. It is important with the big decisions in life, not to take them too fast. I think that one must take after the chance that is, and for me it has felt right to do it. When closing any doors, opens someone new, sounded it from the countess in the interview.

Danish royal – 8. sep. 2019 – at. 13:30 After 20 years: Alexandra says stop

Here she stressed also that she now has a great chance to try out new projects.

– I never feel he is too old to try new things. I want to throw myself into new things, I would like to try, it sounded from the countess, who continued:

I have considered to take several projects abroad and find a job where you can take your computer under your arm and go out. But home is where the heart is and my heart is here, she added.