Tornadoes and strong thunderstorms in the southern part of the UNITED states and parts of the Midwest have claimed at least 11 persons life. Several hundred thousand homes are without power, and heavy rains have flooded large areas.

The severe storms have led to the highways have been closed and many flights have been cancelled at the international airport in Chicago.

heavy snowfall and freezing rain have helped to complicate the rescue efforts.

In Texas, the 27-year-old cop Nicholas Reyna killed in the city of Lubbock, while he worked during the cleanup of a traffic accident. Due to ice on the road, he was hit by a car. The 39-year-old firefighter Eric Hill was also killed in the accident. A third redningsarbejder is fatally injured.

– This is an extremely tragic day for our city, ” notes Floyd Mitchell, who is the chief of police in Lubbock.

Photo: Bossier Parish, Florida, Sheriff’s Office / AFP

In Oklahoma drowned a man in heavy water from a flooded river. In the state of Louisiana was an elderly couple killed when a tornado hit the trailer park that they lived in.

the Trailer was completely smashed when it was thrown around.

the Storm was so powerful that the trailer was blown up to 70 meters away from its place, says Bill Davis from the local sherifkontor.

Tornadoerne is unleashed massive devastation. Photo: Bossier Parish, Florida, Sheriff’s Office / AFP

A man was killed in Louisiana when a tree toppled down in his house.

In Mississippi, is reported to be at least 30 of the toppled rail cars in the area of Tallahatchie.

Alabama is, along with North Carolina the hardest hit area.

Last summer, parts of the US ravaged by unusually many tornadoes many days in a row to an extent that was not seen in the country since 1980.

Authorities warn also that there are new and powerful storms on the way.