Tinka must not only have the magical sword ready for battle against the Falcons tonight. Half-elf also in the direct fight against Sus, Bob and Tom in the DR’s ‘Poinsettias’.

littering namely kalenderkrig at 19.30, when the two julekalendere in the evening will be sent straight towards each other.

the Reason is that Ekstra Bladet has written earlier, that TV2 has got the opportunity to show El Clásico – that is, the football match between Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Film, tv & radio – 2. dec. 2019 – at. 19:49 of Furious viewers: – It is a ommer, TV2!

Experience shows that there must not be tampered much by julekalenderne on the tv, before the parents and disappointed children when up in the red field. But TV2 has bought the rights to the Spanish and Italian football to their new sports channel TV2 Sport X and therefore has to be given the opportunity to show El Clásico on TV2’s main channel. It should be utilized, have the team he will play for Frederik Lauesen previously said to Ekstra Bladet.

– of course, We have considered it thoroughly, but it is a bit of a luksusproblem to have two such good things to show. And we have the previous year moved julekalendere because of håndboldkvindernes finals.

Frederik Lauesen called it in last week for a ‘first world problem’, if the relocation of Tinka gives trouble.

– There are so many alternatives, if you would like to see the advent calendar for ordinary time, said sportschefen.

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And Frederik Lauesen has the right. There are plenty of opportunities for the war do not need to break out ablaze at home in the julepyntede living rooms.

Both julekalendere can be seen around on the web, and 18. title of føljetonen of Tinka will even be free on the TV2 Play throughout the Wednesday, 18. december. In addition, the sending of TV2 Tinka and kongespillet’ on TV2 Charlie to the normal advent calendar-time at 20.

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