the documentary film ‘Vermund, and the fight for the right’ went on Tuesday evening in the air. About 26 minutes into the documentary call Pernille Vermund a passing person in a limousine for the ‘perker’. After the opinion she takes to the mouth, after which a man dishes on her and says ‘foreigner’.

Sikandar Siddique, aliens and spokeswoman on integration, I believe that it is a big gaffe. He thinks it reflects a sick culture, and to Tighten the Course and the New Civic should settle together.

– That shows a sick culture. Vermund, Thiessen and Paludan is apparently one fat. New Civil has tried to package the xenophobia in and make it to the mainstream. Now it turns out that when they think the cameras are turned off, that it is xenophobic and racist statements, where applicable.

– Thiessen has been convicted of ærekrænke. And now we see Vermund also express themselves xenophobic. When the party’s two hovedprofiler reveals a xenophobic side, so my suggestion is, that they as well can out beat along with the Tight Course.

Ekstra Bladet has spoken with Pernille Vermund to hear what she thinks about the incident.

– I’m fine with, it has been shown. I’m not so politically correct, it has most probably learned.

– I don’t regret it. Now, let’s call things what they are, if you are a nigger, you nigger, if you are perker, then you are perker, if you are immigrant then you are the immigrant, says partiformanden.

Pernille Vermund does not take Sikandar Siddiques opinions are particularly heavy. She does not think we should go and be offended over the use of the Danish language in different ways.

– Well, perker, is something, many with a middle eastern background call themselves. It is probably used a little bit of fun.

– I am not doing for myself, either by the terms of Sikandar or the other. I say nigger, when I say negro, and I said perker, when I say perker, and I have it fine with, she ends.