With the six months to the opening of The Olympic Games in Tokyo the olympic stadium in the japanese capital stood finished in a month’s time.

the Reports from Japan yesterday, furthermore, that in these weeks is putting the final touches on a variety of other arenas. 43 in all, writes the news agency AFP.

There have been bumps on the road the past six and a half years ago, Tokyo was named as host city. The large-scale stadium was delayed for more than a year, as it turned out to be significantly more expensive than first thought. It ended with the minister for sports Hakubun Shimomura went of in 2015.

And there have been other cases, which you can read about in a factbox further down in the article.

But overall there is not much to come after.

It confirms the Tokyo 2020 spokesman Masa Takaya opposite the news agency Reuters.

– Everything has to be ready now, and we are very enthusiastic. It has been a long road with some bumps here and there, but by and large it has gone well. Everything is where we would like to have, it would be six months before – in some cases, even in an even better place, he says.

In Denmark, sitting Morten Mølholm and nods appreciative. He can’t help to compare with Rio in 2016.

– There is a world of difference to Rio. In Rio, we were all worried. It was finished on time, if there was a track of the budgets, and what was missing when we came, ” says the executive director of the Sports Confederation of Denmark to ekstrabladet.

– It was chaotic. While in Japan…running it just. They have mastered it all, he says.

Small bump on the road to Tokyo

the Organizers of the OLYMPICS in Tokyo has overall worked admirably and, after a tight schedule, why things seem to be reached in a timely manner. You have however got some small shocks here and there along the way…:

There was plagiatsagen on the official logo, where the designer Olivier Debie claimed that it was stolen from his logo for a belgian theater, which got the OLYMPICS-the hosts to pull it back.

In 2018, got the international amatørbokseforbund, Aiba, stripped of its olympic status, as a result of the mess in the economy and management. Therefore the IOC even taken control of the afviklen of the olympic boksekonkurrence.

Tsunekazu Takeda, president of Japan’s Olympic Committee to resign in march 2019 as a result of an investigation of his role in a corruption case in connection with the transfer of the værtsskabet. Takeda refuses to have done anything wrong.

because of the risk of a powerful heating choose organizers in 2019 to move the marathon route from Tokyo to the northern Japan – 800 miles away in Sapporo.

But it was also the…

Source: Ritzaus Bureau

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He tells of a trip he was on in Tokyo, where the guests were driven around in the bus to see how far the japanese were with the construction of different arenas.

– I think the bus drove for one or two minutes late at a time. It was immediately regretted, and then put the speed on, so we could get ahead of schedule. It just shows their nature, he says.

The official opening of the olympic stadium in Tokyo was attended by, among others, prime minister Shinzo Abe. Photo: Tomohiro Ohsumi/Reuters/Ritzau Scanpix

How to see the arena in Tokyo. Soon is a wide variety of other olymiske arenas also ready. Photo: Behrouz Mehri/AFP/Ritzau Scanpix

however, There are concerns. Anything else would almost be weird. It is the heat and the billetforholdene, fortklarer he adds in the same åndrdræt, that it is hard to blame the organizers.

– We try of course to prepare the athletes in the heat, as well as we can now. But it gets hot. Also hotter than Rio. It can be important to health. They have already moved some contests, and so we know that the japanese on the sites will ensure coolness and swallow, he says.

And how hot is it then, you might be thinking. Tjo, probably around 30 degrees with very high humidity.

And so, I regret Morten Mølholm over, that interest in for the competitions are so great.

– Yes, it annoys us a bit. It is difficult to get tickets for the competitions. I would like to have, that more people had had the opportunity. But that is simply offered fewer tickets, and at the same time, the demand has been greater this time. The combination makes that I have never experienced before, that it has been so hard to find the tickets, he says.

Morten Mølholm in the company of Andi Doping Denmark’s director, Michael Ash in 2015. Photo: Jens Dresling

It is one of the big differences at the most recent olympic games – and Tokyo: the Interest and support from the local population. With six months to the OLYMPICS have already sold 4.5 million tickets.

In Brazil were marked by a widespread skepticism and contempt for the games, because there was spent unimaginable amounts of money on arenas and infrastructure, which many felt had been better spent on the many poor people in the country.

” This has been planned properly, and the prelude has, at the same time been quiet and unconcerned. It plays a significant role in our preparations. Is there much trouble in a host city, it is a politically controversial city, as Rio was partially, and as Beijing in 2008, then it means something. And so it requires a lot of work.

– This is Tokyo not. It is a peaceful choice, he says, and remembers the preparations for Beijing, where the AUTHORITIES spent much effort to relate to the political aspects, possible boycotts as well as to speak with the athletes about conditions in China.

– We should not take care of the political part, as it was a WORLD cup in Qatar. There are three years, and there is plenty of trouble. We see it’s not here, he says.

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