The us president, Donald Trump, did “absolutely nothing wrong” in the matter of the disputed phone call to the president of Ukraine in July – the call that has now led to the impeachment of Trump.

It says his lawyers on Saturday, where it was the defence’s turn to present its views on the matter.

Pat Cipollone, who is in charge of Trumps team of defence lawyers, does not believe that the Democrats have delivered evidence that the president has abused his power and hindered the Congress to carry out its work, as the charges sounds.

– We do not believe that they are in the vicinity of to lift the burden of proof for what they ask you to do, says Cipollone with reference to the fact that the Democrats will have the Trump known guilty and thus set aside.

– in Fact, we believe that when you hear the facts, will be forward to the president absolutely nothing wrong did, ” he says.

instead he charges against the Democrats, who he believes intends to “repeal the outcome of the recent election” and to remove Trumps name from the ballot at the upcoming presidential election in november.

– They ask you to do something that no senate has ever done, ” says Cipollone.

– They ask you to tear all of the ballots in pieces all over the country and take the decision out of the hands of the american people.

– They are here to commit the greatest interference in an election in AMERICA’s history, and we can not allow this to happen, saith the defender.

the Allegations, which consists of seven democrats from the House of Representatives Adam Schiff in the lead, wanted to lead the witnesses in the case.

Among other things, they will like to hear from Trumps former national security adviser John Bolton. But it has the Senate, where Republicans have the majority, flatly rejected.

In its procedures in recent days, Schiff and the other six democrats highlighted their claim that Trump pushed Ukraine to open a politically motivated investigation of Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden.

Biden has a chance to be chosen as the Democratic presidential candidate later in the year, and a study of him should give Trump an advantage at the polls.

Trump puts himself first, not America first, said Schiff in one of his many posts.

Observers expect that the Senate will end up absolve Trump. To convict the president and remove him from power is required to 20 republicans voting against him. It is considered highly unlikely.