At the beginning of december last year it emerged that the tv-host Ibi Makienok and the husband, footballer Simon Makienok, is gone from each other.

It confirmed the latter’s agent, which could indicate that the pair had been apart for a year. But any suitors for the Ibi Makienok gets a long nose.

What could she tell, since she, like so many other celebs troppede up on the red carpet for the Tv Price.

– No, I am not, came the answer, as the Ibi Makienok was asked if she was starting to date again.

– I’ve so busy with everything I’m doing as a mother and career woman. I’m not on the hunt.

Danish well-known – 3. dec. 2019 – at. 12:09 Confirmed: this is the End between Simon and Ibi

however, It will be tight to say that she directly enjoys singletilværelsen, for Simon Makienok has since 2014 tørnet out for foreign football clubs, and thus it has been a langdistanceægteskab.

– I do not think there is something to enjoy, it is completely the same as it was before. There is not really a big difference, said Ibi Makienok with a laugh and then became deadly serious.

Ibi Makienok is single, but not ready for the dating. Photo: Linda Johansen

the Extra Leaf is reached so just to mention Simon Makienoks name, before the mood shifted.

– I have no comment on my private life.

– Are you recovered?

– Try to hear. I don’t have any comment. Looks like I’m the one that is upstairs?

– Yes?

– Thank you, it sounded back from the Ibi Makienok, who again got the profits to smile at the comment.

Ibi and Simon were married in Holmens Church in Copenhagen in 2014.