Gorm Hansbøl is one of them, who can finally breathe a sigh of relief. After months of struggle is the copenhagen pensioner one of them, as the telecommunications company Telenor is now giving up its large economic claim against.

– It is a huge relief, ” says Gorm Hansbøl, which Telenor would have almost 13,000 dollars for two iPhones that were ordered in his name with stolen NemID-data.

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As Extra the Blade revealed in a series of articles last year, victims of digital fraud not only live with the violation, that the criminals throw at them.

They will often also fight against creditors, as Telenor that requires money for phones and subscriptions, as the victims are not ordered and also not have helped the criminals to get access to.

Here is the entire sagsbunken, as Gorm has gathered together. Photo: Aleksander Klug

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At Telenor confirms the communication and CSR manager Lise Kirkegaard, that the claims against Gorm is abandoned. Previously was the company’s standardafvisning otherwise, that you just followed the rules for several liability. And that the victims therefore hung on the bill.

– We have chosen to review all of the existing NemID-fraud cases from 2019 yet again. We have made a specific assessment of all the cases, and in this respect we have in each case per kulance chosen to cancel our requirements of the customers, she explains to Extra Bladet.

Also in the case of the demented Karen Skovlund has Telenor now abandoned to claim money for an elaborate hoax with her Friends. Photo: Anita Graversen

Also, in the case of a demented woman from Aarhus, which Ekstra Bladet has spoken, will the requirement now abandoned.

At Telenor get the cases, however, also an important for safety.

On the basis of a growing number of fraud cases with NemID in 2019, we have chosen to revisit our processes and look at whether we can do more to help prevent NemID scams, says Lise Kirgaaard.

– We have decided to introduce a minimum payment on all online mobilkøb, so that in the future should also be associated with a credit card, which will make it harder for the fraudsters to make NemID scams. This will enter into force on 1. February.

Cheats for millions

Cases of cheating with NemID exploded in 2019.

Recently, a 29-year-old man from Fredericia, denmark, has been sentenced to several years in prison for in the 418 cases that have fooled themselves to NemID-information and set up loans for the well-4.9 million dollars in the victims names.

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Gorm Hansbøl is satisfied that the security is now tightened. But he remains highly critical of the treatment he received along the way in his case.

– It is nice that it is completed. But they have been some rogues, who have had to be pulled forward to get it completed.

– It has been incredibly uncomfortable, until Ekstra Bladet came into the picture.

the Detective Cheated with NemID: False the banker met up with Gorm

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