‘A dead criminal is a good criminal. They must die as kakkerlakker in the streets.’

It is the radical right brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaros, two policy doctrines, and them have his åndsfælde Wilson Witzel, governor of Rio de Janeiro, in the extent taken after its accession in January 2019.

In the year killed the police officers, agents, and uniformed snipers 1810 people in the state, which has its headquarters in the famous of these. It corresponds to the five kills on the day.

according to new figures from the state government, which have been unearthed by the BBC.

the Tv giant notes that it is the highest number of killings committed by police officers since the government started keeping statistics with the official crime fighting in 1998.

Drabstallet represents an increase of 18 percent compared to the year 2018.

I am Wilson Witzel, who came to power in January last year, and which stands in the forefront of a new, merciless course of action for bandekriminelle in the ‘favela’ and other poor neighbourhoods.

It’s autonomous residential areas, which is largely controlled by paramilitary groups and gangsters with their fingers deep down in the international trade in hard drugs.

Brazil’s radical right president, Jair Bolsonaro, is a big believer that police officers should be protected from prosecution when they kill suspected criminals. Photo: Adriano Machado/Ritzau Scanpix

the Governor insists that the vast majority of those killed are slain in the context of confrontations with armed police officers. But there have also been numerous examples of innocent victims.

As a martial arts trainer, who was killed in front of the building, where he helped socially disadvantaged young people, and the eight-year-old girl who was killed in a vehicle, as her mother sat behind the steering wheel.

The type of stories are drowned in the media, and they have not prevented the governor Witzel and president Bosonaros in again and again to boast of, that the general drabstal last year fell to 3995 in the Rio de Janeiro region.

It is the lowest number in three decades and a decline of a fifth in the year’s first nine months compared to the same period in 2018.

The state prosecutor in Rio de Janeiro and other experts, reports the BBC, stated that it is applicable also to a high degree connected with the conclusion of peace agreements between rival gangs in Rio, to a number of prisoners from the gang neighborhoods of north west have moved to other provinces, and to the state’s economy has been in clear recovery.

the Police killing of civilians goes according to tv giant BBC in particular in addition to Rio de Janeiro’s poor and black population, which is difficult to get to speak with the criticism. Photo: Spencer Platt/

the Problem is that the killings of police officers often goes beyond poor and especially black, and that they are rarely the subject of thorough investigation.

A course of action which the president and the governor supports. They have both advocated that it is essential to protect police officers from prosecution when they kill suspected criminals.

Oppositionspolitikeren Renata Souza has asked the international community to dig in politidrabene, and Michelle Bachelet, the high commissioner for human rights in the UN, in sharp terms, criticized the increase in the number of killings committed by police officers.

It bounces apparently on the governor Witzel, who has a past as a judge and member of the rangers, and the president of Jair Bolsonaro. He was a captain in the army, before he went over to the toppolitik.