How will the Danish-israeli Chanan Colman describe the feeling that hit him Sunday, when he received the news of Kobe bryant’s death.

A friend, Mary, gave him the message, as they sat together and talked.

But Chanan did not believe in her.

I thought in no way on her. So says another friend, who is also there it also. And then I see my phone, where there is already tikket seven-eight-nine messages into, he says to Ekstra Bladet.

He had passed away. It was disbelief. I didn’t believe it. Then emptiness, he explains.

the 35-year-old Chanan Colman can as one of the very few danes boast of having met Kobe Bryant, who on Sunday crashed in his helicopter along with his 13-year-old daughter and seven others north of Los Angeles and was killed on the spot.

It happened during a workout, as Colmans former club, israeli Maccabi Haifa, was launched in the UNITED states.

– We had met the different NBA teams and was in Los Angeles meeting the Lakers in the Staples Center. It turned out that the fight was Kobes comeback (after he had been injured for a long period of 2015, red.). There were only 16,000 spectators who should see his first fight back, says Chanan Colman.

on Top of the cap was Chanan captain for Maccabi and Kobe, of course, for the Lakers.

Therefore ran the two into each other a few times in the middle of the pitch before the match.

– the Captains make themselves right along with the judges and talk about how the fight must proceed, he says.

As the tv clip tells that there was the hilarity of the episode. Chanan choose a ball, he will play with. When Kobe asked for it, he says quietly that he has chosen the balls for 20 years.

– So, I take the here, he said, tells Chanan and laughs.

Chanan and Kobe greet each other before the match. Photo: Pascal Sapphire Colman.

– He was a likeable guy. He knew very well who he himself was. He was among the greatest ever. Therefore, he had an incredible confidence. But it was not arrogance, says Chanan Colman.

It was clear to notice that he was bigger than the game. The way the judges looked at him, the way teammates responded.

Chanan Colman does not hide the fact that his biggest role model is Michael Jordan, but Kobe also was good on the front.

He was, of course, incredibly talented. However, I will not say, that he could some things that no one else could. In turn, he had a killer-instinct. He would win at any cost. As if he had a hunger which you don’t see in others. And it managed he to maintain through the years, even though he was good for 100 million plus, and had won championships and had so many accolades. It puts people like him and Jordan, above all others, says Chanan Colman.

And so he had also some moves on the track, as Chanan tagged on the nearest team in the practice match.

– He had that fade away, where his body moves away from the basket, while he finishes. It was also done on me, and it gave me such an aha-moment, he says with a laugh.

In Chanans optics is the emptiness of death is also associated with the fact that you do not feel, we got it all, from Kobe Bryant, even though he had long ago set his career.

– I don’t feel like I got to see him at his highest level. He won an Oscar, created an academy for sport and had his finger in many charities. It was impressive what he achieved as a human being, and I think he was to make mankind better.

– His type do not come every day, he says.

Kobe Bryant was 41 years old. He leaves a wife and three daughters.

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