the News of Kobe bryant’s death in connection with a helicopter crash in the UNITED states on Sunday stresses the importance and respect, the star had at all in and around american basketball.

It is not only the fans, team mates and colleagues who are crushed by sorrow.

Opponents, opponents ‘fans, opponents sponsors, opponents’ grandmothers, and even the president Donald Trump, as Kobe Bryant would otherwise have refused to meet with, have tweetet that he is sorry.

And it’s Doc Rivers also.

He has known Kobe Bryant for the last many, many years. First as a player in the 1990s and later as the head coach for several teams, who regularly tørnede together with the Lakers.

At the head of the Boston Celtics met Doc Rivers two times Bryant and the Lakers in the NBA finals, and when he Sunday to try to put into words the tragic accident in which nine people were killed, it was too much.

After having stood in many long seconds, with tears in his eyes, he tried to collect himself, and then said:

– I don’t know…I don’t have much to say. The news is terrible for all who knew him. I have known him for a long time.

– He, of course, means incredibly much to me. He was such a good opponent. It is what you want in the sport. He had a very special dna that only a few practitioners have. Like Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan.

– I taught him fun enough to know better, after he stopped his career in 2016, red.)…hm…it’s hard here, he said.

– He affected so many people. Just look at my young players and see how interested they er…de knew him not even.

– Sorry, but I don’t have much to say. I will have to go down and talk with a team before a fight and tell them that they must play. And I can’t, he said, while the tears streamed down her cheeks at him.

the Clippers having to face the Orlando Magic on Sunday, and they did. Clippers won even the match 112-97, but it seems easier no matter.

Doc Rivers’ respect for Bryant on the field was tremendous, which is an episode from the sixth ten games in 2008 testify.

In the battle refused Doc Rivers categorically to change his starting formation out, for the sole reason that Kobe Bryant was not changed out. For a replacement would be equal to a deterioration of the team, and it would mean that Bryant and the Lakers would get an advantage – as long as the giant Bryant still therefore was in action.

the Blue book: Kobe Bean Bryant

The american basketballegende Kobe Bryant is on Sunday perished in a helikopterulykke.

According to u.s. authorities, were Kobe Bryant one of the nine persons who were killed in a crash outside of Los Angeles.

Name: Kobe Bean Bryant

Age: 41 years old – born 23. august 1978.

place of Birth: Philadelphia

Nationality: American

Education: Lower Merion High School, Ardmore (Philadelphia).

Career: Professional basketball player in the NBA from 1996 to 2016.


* Five NBA championships (all with the Los Angeles Lakers from 2000 to 2010)

* All Star-play 18 times.

* Most valuable player (MVP) in the base game: A time (2007/2008).

* MVP in the final series: twice (2008/09 and 2009/10).

* the top scorer in the NBA-the league: Two times

* Played 20 seasons for the Los Angeles Lakers.

* Played 1346 matches in his career and scored an average of 25 points per game.

* Scored 60 points in his afskedskamp, which led the Lakers to a victory in the 101-96 over the Utah Jazz.

Marital status: Married to Vanessa Laine Bryant (four children)

Sources: Bleacherreport.

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I looked over at them, and that Kobe was still on the course, and I said actually: ‘When Phil (Lakers coach Phil Jackson, red.) take the guy out, so I take my guys out. Then answered Thibs (then deputy Celtics coach Tom Thibodeau, ed.): ‘Don’t worry, you are safe’, and I replied: ‘Not with him there on the pitch’, has Rivers told FOX Sports.

The not unimportant detail in the picture is that the Celtics in the match, led with wild 42 points – and seemed sure to win the the. But respect for Bryant was great.

– I was dødhamrende serious. I had obviously lost situational awareness, because we led with 42 points. But he managed to create the fear in one. Thank god took Phil with him soon, so I could switch out, and then it went all together, he said.

You can follow the helicopter route here by tapping on the points:

A large number of AMERICA’s biggest stars salute the deceased Kobe Bryant

One of AMERICA’s largest sportsikoner – basketball legend Kobe Bryant – lost Sunday life in a helikopterulykke outside of Los Angeles.

the Death has already in the minutes after the announcement was confirmed by the us authorities triggered many reactions from all over the world.

Here follows a small selection of reactions on social media:

* Donald Trump, the president of the UNITED states:

– Kobe Bryant was, although he truly was one of history’s best basketball players, only about to begin his life. He loved his family and had a strong passion for the future. The loss of his beautiful daughter Gianna makes the moment even more heartbreaking.

* Barack Obama, the former president of the UNITED states:

– Kobe was a legend on the pitch and had only just begun it, there could have been an equally meaningful second half.

* Tom Brady, quarterback in the NFL club the New England Patriots:

– We miss you already, Kobe.

* Wayne Gretzky, ishockeylegende:

– Janet (wife, red.) and I have no words that can describe our shock and sadness over Kobe bryant’s tragic death today. I pray for him and his family.

* Reese Witherspoon, oscarbelønnet actor:

– I am crushed to hear about Kobe Bryant. An extraordinary athlete and a truly kind and great man. Sending love, prayers, and condolences to his family also to his entire NBA family.

* Scottie Pippen, NBA icon and former player for the Chicago Bulls.

– I’m in shock. Words can’t come near to describe it. Just an incredibly sad and tragic day.

* Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, the NBA icon and former player, among other things, the Los Angeles Lakers:

– most people will remember Kobe as a great athlete who inspired a whole generation of basketball players. But I will always remember him as a man who was much more than an athlete.

* Kim Clijsters, belgian tennis champion:

– Kobe – you were a true inspiration for me as an athlete. I have always admired your professionalism, drive and dedication. Our thoughts are with your nearest.

* Martina Navratilova, Czech-american tennis champion:

– Kobe Bryant has died too early. Where is it terrible to hear about his death. He brought joy to so many for so long. Deep condolences to his family, friends and his Lakers family.

* Justin Bieber, canadian pop star:

– I am crushed over this news, you were a true legend and friend. Rest in peace, Kobe Bryant, my thoughts and prayers go to your wife and your children.

/Ritzaus Bureau

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