It was a tearful place, as the singer Demi Lovato on the night of Monday turned back.

It came to pass at the annual awards ceremony, the Grammy Awards, where she performed her new ballad ‘Anyone’. In the song opens up Demi Lovato about her problems with alcohol and loneliness. In July 2018 was Lovato hospitalized after an overdose, and in december of the same year, she could tell that she was sober and happy to be alive.

It writes CNN.

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‘Anyone’ was written a few days before a drug overdose brought her in the knee, and it was an emotional game, as the 27-year-old singer with the tears rolling had to deliver it in front of the audience.

She describes the text as a cry for help, and she reached only to the first line, before she went in the stand and had to collect himself. After a brief pause, the seasoned record producer to begin all over again, and she performed his song with tears rolling down her cheeks, as you can see in the video above the article.

After honestly having opened his heart about the loneliness that dominated her thoughts up to the fateful overdose, raised the audience and paid tribute to her.