It amazes The Police that a McLaren S650 Spider to a value of up to three million crowns on Saturday afternoon completely burned out, after it had hit a tree on the Åsumvej in the Odense district of Vollsmose.

that is Why the police extra thorough in trying to find the cause, police said. Although no one is hurt in the accident, police have nevertheless begun a technical examination of the circumstances. Both with a bilinspektør and a brandteknisk study.

the Accident happened apparently because the 29-year-old driver lost control of the vehicle, which is able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h. at three seconds. Several trees in the road was hit during the accident. Fortunately, both the driver and a 23-year-old hitchhiker even get out of the car, which was later totally burnt out.

And just the fact that the car caught fire, has made, that the police have called for witnesses who saw the accident happen.

– We would like to talk with people who have seen the drive that led to the accident. We are not in doubt that such a car doesn’t just ignite by itself, says vagtchef at Funen Police, Lars Thede, to DR.

on Monday morning, the police have only received a single call from a possible witness, informs The Police.

A Mclaren Spider 650s weighs around 1400 pounds. It is equipped with 3.8 liter V8 engine with dobbeltturbo, which is developed by McLaren itself. The motor is centrally located behind the seats but ahead of the rear axle. It makes 650 hp, while the 0-100 km/h is done in three seconds, 0-200 km/h takes 8,4 seconds, and increased the top speed is given up to 329 km/h.

In 2015, arrived at the british Formula 1 driver Jenson Button to a antispritkørsel campaign in Budapest in a car of the type McLaren S650 Spider. Photo: AP

the Torque is called 678 Nm at 6000 rpm.

the Car was produced in the period between 2014 and 2017, and cost, then as new about three million dollars to acquire in a version in Danish number plates.