Sunday’s weather offers relatively large amounts of rain in the whole country, and some places you can fall up to 20 millimeters.

this was stated by The DMI on Sunday morning.

– It is raining in many places. I can not exclude the possibility that individual sites can get up to 20 millimeters, but it is at least between 10-15 millimeters in several places in the country. It has been raining much earlier in the week, so in advance it is very wet, said duty meteorologist Thyge Rasmussen.

While the northern half of the Jutland release relatively easy, and the island of Bornholm, until now, gone completely free of rain, the southern half of the country hard hit.

In Billund Municipality, for example, have already fallen 12,7 millimeters of rain until 11 a.m., and in the Way is the figure of 12,3.

In Vejle has so far fallen by 10.6 millimeters, in Esbjerg 10.1, and the Ikast-Brande 10 millimeters.

– It seems to be the southern part of the Jutland peninsula that gets the most. It continues most of the day, and it is only in the evening that it starts to clear up from the west, says Thyge Rasmussen.

In the night doing the weather up nicely, and Monday’s weather looks nice.