Streaminggiganten Netflix has ended up in solid headwind, after the premiere of a julesatire, which manufactures a Jesus as homosexual.

at the time Of writing has more than 1.8 million have already been to the keys and signed a declaration asking Netflix to remove the comedy.

It writes several foreign media including The Indepedent.

‘The First Temptation of Christ’, as the film is called, is made of the brazilian satire-channel Porta vms Fundos (back door, red.), in particular, there is known from YouTube.

‘Jesus, who will celebrate his 30th birthday, is bringing a special guest home to the family’, says, among other things, in Netflix’s own description.

Among the critics is the Brazilian president’s son, Eduardo Bolsonaro:

‘We are in favour of freedom of expression, but is it really worth it to attack a faith that 86 percent of our population believe’, he wrote on social media, according to AFP, while the bishop Henrique Soares da Costa, from Pernambuco, stating that he had resigned his Netflix subscription because of the ‘profane, vulgar, and disrespectful of film’.

the Movie had its premiere in 3. december, and can also be streamed in Denmark.