It is an Alternative in crisis, Uffe Elbæk, in a few weeks will hand over to the incoming president.

It assesses the Extra the Magazine’s political commentator Henrik Qvortrup, after partistifter Uffe Elbæk, has today announced that he would step down from the post of political leader for the Alternative in February next year.

– I am somewhat surprised. It is not the Alternative, he had hoped to deliver. They stand today stripped of influence. They got a really, really miserable general election, and there is no majority in the Danish parliament, where their mandates are necessary, says Henrik Qvortrup.

the Danish policy – 16. dec. 2019 – at. 12:34 Uffe Elbæk stop as the political leader of the Alternative

Uffe Elbæk can say enough so much so that it is a party in good shape. It puts the I in question. He conveys a lot in a big, big crisis.

Yet Uffe Elbæk and the Alternative played a big role in Danish politics in recent years, because they have been the first to talk about klimakrisens crucial importance.

But they ended up to be complete indifference, considers Henrik Qvortrup.

– You may well argue that they have triumphed ‘hell’. Screws you time one and a half years back, it was virtually the only Alternative, which meant, there had to be a 70 percent reduction in emissions. Now is the virtually all parties. It can call a victory. But you can also say, that they are scooped. There are not many votes in to say they thought it first.

It was everyday life

in Addition, the party also proved to be far less groundbreaking than they put up to by the foundation in 2013.

– the Romance and the magic is gone of the party. They wanted to make a party, where you did things differently. Listen to this, it has been everyday. It has not been able to deliver on. We have also seen that they have been the frame for the top-down and lack of respect for the new way of doing a batch of, say, Henrik Qvortrup.

– The person, man/woman, who takes over for a few months, it gets really difficult, in my opinion the magic is definitely gone of the Alternative.