the Tv channel, Hallmark is absolutely not interested in showing two women, who kiss, in their prime time.

It is clear, according to a spokesperson from the channel has told me that a new commercial with the two women, who are married, have been removed.

Several conservative groups have complained about the ‘controversial’ advertising.

It writes The New York Times.

When the medium asked the channel, why the advertisement does not have to be sent anyway, told an employee that one could not accept the content that had been ‘doomed to be controversial’.

the Women’s way to show feelings in public went against the channel’s policy, but the employee would not answer the question of why an almost identical advertising with a kiss between a man and woman could be sent.

There is a series of six advertisements from internetfirmaet Zola, who has run on the channel since the 2. december. The advertisements are showing different couples who are getting married, and while they are standing at the altar, wonder whether you would have the time and have had better gifts with, if they had planned their wedding through the site Zola.

Group One million moms, who define their purpose as to fight against the indecent behavior, sent a petition out, where they asked Hallmark to consider whether they really would show commercials with gay couples.

On the group’s website, reveals also a quote, where you question the advertisement.

‘Why would Hallmark show a lesbian wedding? Hallmark movies are family-friendly, and it has destroyed with this advertising’, it says.

Friday, nearly 25,000 people signed on, that the advert was inappropriate.

On Twitter is more, however, dissatisfied with the fact that you have chosen to remove the advertisement with the couple.

Hashtags like #BoycottHallmarkChannel and #boycotthallmark has got about 8000 tweets, which more are angered over the decision.

Zola has been informed that four out of their six advertisements have been removed.

Zola has since asked for an explanation, but only got a single quote.

‘We are not allowed to use advertising, which has been called controversial.’

It was all too much for conservatives in the UNITED states, to the two women kissed. Photo: Zola

Hallmark has since stated further in the matter.

‘the Decision not to send the advertisements come from, that we can’t display such tremendous public feelings, no matter who it is, who makes it. We do not show political messages, explicit language and many other categories.’

It is, however, only the advertisements with the kiss between homosexual couples, which have not been approved.

the Advertisement with a man and woman who kiss, are allowed to be sent.

the Decision has been Zola up in the red field, and they are definitely not happy with the channel.

‘Hallmark-approved advertising, in which a heterosexual couple to kiss, but not the one where a lesbian couple to kiss. All kiss, all the couples and marriages are equal and deserve to be celebrated just as much. We will no longer advertise with the Hallmark’, it sounded.

Subsequently, Hallmark apologized and now asks for permission to, that they can still bring the advertisements.

There is, however, not come the answers from Zola, but the thank you for all the support they have received after the ads were removed.